The excitement around tickets, a physical examination in Grozny and a new warning: how Emelianenko and Ismailov prepare for a full-time battle

The excitement around tickets, a physical examination in Grozny and a new warning: how Emelianenko and Ismailov prepare for a full-time battle

The organizers of the battle between Alexander Emelyanenko and Magomed Ismailov summed up the first results of ticket sales for the ACA tournament 75 . For the week it was realized 10% of their total. Meanwhile, the athletes continue to prepare for the meeting. Emelianenko underwent a medical examination in Grozny, which did not reveal his health problems. And Ismailov said what he would do if the opponent went into the octagon while intoxicated.

Rush around tickets

One of the most anticipated events in the world of Russian mixed martial arts remains the fight between Alexander Emelianenko and Magomed Ismailov in the framework of the ACA tournament 107 GrandPower, which will take place on April 3 at the Moscow VTB Arena. In confirmation of this fact, the organizers gave statistics on ticket sales. So, in the first week, the fans purchased %) of their total number . Cost varies from 75 to 25 thousand rubles, and the first day of sales brought the promotion 3 million rubles.

To a greater extent, such a hype is provided by the figure of Emelianenko, whose reputation in the world of MMA is very ambiguous. His colleague, a representative of the middle weight category Vladimir Mineev, explained the phenomenon of Alexander’s popularity by the fact that many fans associate the scandalous fighter with themselves. In addition, he admitted that to some extent he himself sympathizes with him.

“I do not think that Alexander is a role model, but he is honest. I appreciate it in him. The people love Emelianenko, because he is like most of the men who live in our country. This is a Russian man from the middle zone. Stole, drank – to prison. Someone was in places not so distant, someone could just drink, buzz, fight, call someone. This is normal for us. Unfortunately, this is a fact, ”Mineev shared.

Continuation of the confrontation

Meanwhile, athletes continue to prepare for the fight. Ismailov said that he is training at full strength. He expects that the “best version” of Emelianenko will be released against him in the octagon .

“In general, I have he left positive impressions, although I believe that Alexander is irresponsible, underestimating his approach to this confrontation. With me, you need to be more serious in the training process, you need to eat, sleep and exercise properly. I need a victory over the best version of Alexander Emelianenko. Therefore, we look at his best fights, where he was in the best shape, ”Ismailov said in an interview with the official YouTube channel ACA.

As for Emelianenko, he underwent a medical examination , which did not reveal his health problems.

“During the medical examination that Alexander Emelyanenko underwent in Grozny, no pathologies were detected . We checked everything, including the cardiovascular system. Alexander is healthy, ”ACA representatives said.

At the moment, he is training under the guidance of Murad Bichuev, coach of the Akhmat club in Grozny. The press service of the promotion shared one of the fragments of its preparation.

Meanwhile, Emelianenko himself on his Instagram page published a new video message to Ismailov. In addition to him, the video contains the head of the Akhmat club Abuzayd Vismuradov, according to whom the fighter will soon get the best shape.

Akhmat invited me to prepare, to the training camp. So I beat my bald head. “Akhmat” is power, ”said Emelianenko.

Ismailov’s response was not long in coming. He posted a comic video, mounted from frames from a press conference on the upcoming battle. On it, Emelianenko allegedly performs an opera aria.

Many people watch with interest the dive of two fighters. It is worth noting that opponents, unlike most of such confrontations, treat each other fairly respectfully, preferring to exchange taunts rather than insults. Himself Ismailov praised the intellectual abilities of Emelianenko .

“He is my best rival not only in the cell, but also beyond. We can make some noise with him, he is the most correct character for this, he understands humor and is capable of paring. In this I respect him. But I don’t want to drag Alexander into the octagon. Let him jump in there. If Emelyanenko gets drunk, we will knock out alcohol from him, ”added Ismailov.

Future rival

Despite the fact that there are still two months left before the fight, there is already talk about who the winner will meet with. One of the most likely candidates is Mineev. The fighter himself does not deny the possibility of meeting with Emelianenko, who can pass by the rules of boxing .

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“If Alexander defeats Ismailov, I would be interested to meet him. As for the fight according to the rules of boxing, REN TV and Kamil Gadzhiev (the head of the Russian promotion Fight Nights Global. – RT

are interested in this. )). This is an interesting confrontation, ”quotes Mineev’s Sport .

Ismailov also claims to fight with him, and the rivals have already met before. In October 107, the fighters failed to identify the winner during 24 – minute match. However, this confrontation also aroused tremendous interest among fans who would like to see their rivals in the octagon again. so far only in words.

“The ACA had the opportunity to offer me this fight earlier, but they did not. At the moment, there are no offers from them either, but interest in revenge has not subsided so far. And Gadzhiev has this interest. They communicate with Maga. Ismailov confidently told him that he wanted revenge. How much will I get? We agreed with the promotion on million), ”Mineev said.