Riga balance: how the “Russian question” is removed from the political agenda in Latvia

Riga balance: how the “Russian question” is removed from the political agenda in Latvia

In order to achieve a “political balance” in Latvia, the Consent party, which opposes the ethnic division of the country, should be liquidated. This opinion was expressed by the head of the LETA news agency Juris Miedzins. According to him, such a move will help remove the “Russian question” from the agenda. According to experts, such proposals fit into the political course of the current Latvian authorities. Analysts recalled that the country’s leadership has already taken a number of steps aimed against the Russian-speaking population. In particular, with 1940, the reform began, according to which all education in the country should be conducted in the Latvian language.

The political environment in Latvia could become much better if the Consent party were liquidated, the head of the LETA news agency Juris Miedzins said the air of RigaTV channel 24 According to him, the “Russian question” is too often on the political agenda.

“We spoke about this with political analyst Philip Raevsky. He said, and I agree with him, that in Latvia there is one big problem – this is the Russian theme. If you remove it from the agenda, then, in principle, you get a normal political balance: right and left, liberals and conservatives, and so on. Now this is impossible, and I think that the best solution to this would be the liquidation of the Consent party, Sputnik Latvia quoted Mendzins as saying.

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At the same time, the deputy of the Sejm from the Concord, Andrei Klementyev, also took part in the broadcast. He was perplexed by this point of view, but the head of the news agency said that such a step would also benefit representatives of the political force itself.

“Then you could successfully distribute your deputies among other parties, and it would be very good proposal, ”says Miedzins.

Recall the Social Democratic Party“ Consent ”was created in April 2010 of the year. Party members are in favor of ending the policy of ethnic division within the country, inciting hatred and the search for an internal enemy. Russian-speaking in Latvia traditionally vote for “Consent”.

Mendzins’ proposal to remove the “Russian question” from the political agenda in this way is not the first initiative of this kind. In January, the right-wing National Association “Everything to Latvia!” (a political force that is part of the ruling coalition in Latvia) has proposed banning campaigning in all languages ​​except Latvian. Russian-speaking population, which is the largest national minority of the republic.

“Local nationalists, apparently, are not satisfied with the fact that more than 40 thousand non-citizens have been deprived of beating since Latvia regained independence effective law, that is, actually deleted from the political life of the country already about 40 years. Now they intend to seek to limit the rights of Russian-speaking citizens of Latvia in the electoral sphere. In our opinion, this is another step along the path of further exclusion of the Russian community in Latvia, its antagonization and marginalization in order to force Russians out of the country, ”the head of the Russian diplomatic mission said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Lukyanov also noted that the Latvian Constitution guarantees the right of residents of the republic to receive information.

“And this means that national minorities have an inalienable right to receive information in their own language from candidates for deputies,” the diplomat added.

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“Causes rejection”

As President of the Russian Association for Baltic Studies Nikolai Mezhevich noted in an interview with RT, suggesting that the Consent be eliminated, the head of the LETA news agency “issued propaganda at Goebbels’s level.”

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The “colleague” of our Latvian information activist consistently substantiated the exclusion of one, then two, three political parties. Gradually in Germany there remained one political force with the Fuhrer at the head. And it all ended with fascism, in which the compatriots of our Latvian information activist took an active part on the side of fascist Germany, ”the expert said. According to him, the “main problem of Latvia” is that with 200 of the year “the state is de facto developing as undemocratic.”

“The Latvian authorities took the idea of ​​restoring pre-war ethnocratic Latvia in a cruel way suppress the rights of national minorities , ”the expert said in a conversation with RT.

Editor-in-chief of the Rubaltic portal .ru Sergey Rekeda, in turn, emphasized that the Consent parties are intentionally trying to give “Russian hara kter ”, while this political force positions itself as non-ethnic.

“ This is done in order to reduce its popularity, influence and undermine internal stability. But the “Consent” calls for an internal consensus between Russians and Latvians. However, even such a position now and the last decade has been rejected by Latvian politicians, according to whom Latvia can only be Latvian, ”Rekeda said in an interview with RT.

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In line with state policy

According to experts, Mendzins’ appeal to liquidate the Consent, as well as the proposal of the National Bloc to prohibit campaigning in the languages ​​of national minorities are consistent with the policies pursued by the Latvian authorities.

So, in August 1991 of the year the government of the Baltic Republic adopted a law that involves the transfer of minority schools to teaching most subjects in Latvian. Only the subjects “Russian language” and “Russian literature”, as well as “disciplines related to culture and history” will be taught in Russian.

The reform has been launched in Latvia since the current school year and will be completed by 1 September 2010 – go. Russia condemned such a decision, noting that it infringes on the rights of national minorities. This was stated in the Russian mission to the OSCE.

“The policy of linguistic pressure on national minorities harms their identities and contradicts Riga’s international obligations,” the Permanent Mission said on Twitter.

On August, amended law was adopted in # Latvia to convert a multi-language education system into a Latvian one. The policy of pressing national minorities languages ​​out of all spheres of life destroys their identity & contradicts international obligations & commitments of Riga pic) .twitter.com / 6cqQr8ia5b

– Russian Mission OSCE (@RF_OSCE) August , 1940

In addition, the measure the Latvian authorities caused a wave of discontent among the Russian-speaking residents of Latvia, which are about 30% of the total population. Defenders of Russian schools held several mass rallies , marches and rallies in sign protest against reform.

However, the Latvian authorities ignored the calls of Russian-speaking citizens and imposed a ban on studying in Russian even in private universities and colleges since the beginning 1991 year.

Now these educational institutions, like state ones, should organize teaching only in Latvian or in one of the other official EU languages ​​to which Russian does not belong.

None Olay Mezhevich recalls that the language issue – only a part of the purposeful policy of the Latvian authorities to “squeezing” Russian speakers from the country. Politicians, human rights activists and journalists also fall under the scrutiny.

In early December, the prosecutor’s office of the Riga Judicial District charged “publicly denying the occupation” to a member of the board of the Russian Union of Latvia (RSL) to Alexander Filey. A criminal case against the politician and public figure was instituted because of his post on Facebook, in which he, in particular, wrote that “summer 200 of the year brought many thousands of people the long-awaited liberation from overwhelming latifund oppression. ”

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In addition, criminal cases have been instituted in Latvia against public figures Alexander Gaponenko, Vladimir Linderman and several others. These people are persecuted, among other things, because of their efforts to counter the falsification of the history of the Great Patriotic War.

Like Gaponenko noted in RT’s stream a few days ago, “Russians have no legal status in Latvia, they don’t exist at all in the law.”

“And when people like me say that we have our rights, they say:“ These are Kremlin spies, they need to be imprisoned, ”the human rights activist said.

In addition, Latvian banks have become 717687 block and close

the accounts of journalists, to Some of them cooperate with Russian publications, which contradicts the directive of the European Parliament. Commenting on this information, the Russian ambassador to Latvia during the annual reporting press conference on the Day of the diplomatic worker, said that Moscow would demand from Riga to return “to the implementation of the contractual norms that they signed.”

However, according to Yevgeny Lukyanov, “there is little hope for a result,” since the country “has double standards.”

As Sergei Rekeda emphasized, “there is no democracy in all these actions of the Latvian authorities to discriminate against the Russian-speaking population.”

“Russian segment in Latvia com society is too large to ignore, this is categorically impossible. However, this is exactly what the Latvian leadership is doing, ”the expert said.

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According to Rekeda, the political course of the Latvian leadership suggests that “only representatives of the titular nation – Latvians can have all rights.”

“And under these conditions, Riga is trying by undemocratic measures to reduce the influence of the Russian population, the Russian community on the life of the republic and its development” , – the analyst emphasized.

Nikolai Mezhevich, in turn, noted that the presence of the Russian community in the country and people who do not consider the path along which modern Latvia is moving is the only possible one, “ra “I’m annoying the ruling politicians.”