Guardiola's departure, loss of points and departure to the fourth division: what threatens Manchester City with suspension from European cups

Guardiola's departure, loss of points and departure to the fourth division: what threatens Manchester City with suspension from European cups

Manchester City has been suspended for two years from participating in European competitions and fined € 30 million due to violation of the rules of financial fair play (FFP). This was reported in the press service of UEFA. The club called the decision biased and announced its intention to appeal it to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) suspended Manchester City from performing in European competitions for the next two years. According to the decision of the union, the current champion of England will not be able to play in the Champions League and the Europa League in the seasons 2018 / …. / , and will also be required to pay a penalty for non-compliance FFP in the amount of € 22 million. At the same time, the club did not agree with the organization’s decision and intend to file an appeal.

The reason for the severe sanctions against the English football grandeur was the gross violations of the FFP rules in the period from 2012 by 147 year. It is noted that Manchester City provided UEFA with inaccurate income information, which helped him avoid punishment.

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“After the hearing held 21 January 2018 of the year, the UEFA Arbitration Chamber for the financial control of clubs (IFKK) under The chairmanship of José da Cunyi Rodriguez today notified the football club of the final decision in the case submitted to the chamber by the chief investigator of the IFRC. Having taken into account all the evidence, the Arbitration Chamber found that Manchester City committed serious violations of the club licensing rules and the UEFA FFP by overstating the sponsorship income in its accounts and in the break-even reports submitted to UEFA in 2012 – 2012 years ” , – stated in an official press release on the website of the Union of European Football Associations.

UEFA noted that the leadership of the “townspeople” refused to facilitate the investigation.

As a result, it was decided to introduce harsh sanctions. At the same time, the union emphasized that the six-time champion of England can protest this verdict at the CAS in Lausanne.

The answer to Manchester City was not long in coming. The staff rather reacted harshly to the punishment by the UEFA , reproaching the organization for bias.

Manchester City is disappointed, but not surprised by today’s statement by the UEFA Arbitration Chamber. The club has always felt that ultimately there will be a need to bring in an independent body and conduct independent proceedings to ensure an impartial review of a comprehensive set of irrefutable evidence in support of the team’s position, ”the sky blue press service said.

UEFA publicly predicted the sanctions that it intended to apply in relation to the message “citizens”, even before the start of the investigation, in December 2016 of the year “Manchester city”. The team immediately responded to this and filed a complaint with the disciplinary committee of the union.

“Simply put, UEFA in this case was both the initiator, and the prosecutor, and the judge. Now, upon completion of this prejudicial process, the club will begin to strive for an impartial decision to be made as soon as possible, therefore it will initiate proceedings at CAS as soon as possible, ”concluded the press service of the grand.

As it became known , the reason for bringing charges against Manchester City was the information available to the German newspaper Der Spiegel. In 2016, a certain hacker was later identified as the founder of Football Leaks website by the Portuguese Rui Pinto (however, the publication itself refused to confirm the identity of the informant) , handed over to journalists the electronic correspondence of representatives of the leadership of six-time champions of England. It stated that they deliberately overestimated the amount of income from sponsorship agreements, thereby avoiding sanctions for violation of the FFP.

According to the newspaper, the total amount of sponsorship income was € 67, 5 million, most of which were paid by the owner of the “townspeople” Sheikh Mansur bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Mostly the funds came from his personal company Abu Dhabi United Group, while the title sponsor represented by Etihad provided only £ 8 million.

It is noteworthy that soon not only Manchester will be in court City, ”but also Pinto himself. According to The Guardian, Pinto is currently accused of committing 73 criminal offenses related to illegal access to strangers extortion and privacy violation of correspondence. He himself denies involvement in these cases.

The news of the sanctions against Manchester City caused a huge response in the sports community. In the football world they are discussing the future of the team in the event that the appeal in the CAS is not satisfied and the team forgets about playing in the Champions League for the next two years. The club is unlikely to avoid losing a number of leaders, and one of the most sensitive blows could be the departure of head coach Josep Guardiola . As noted by The Sun, a Spanish specialist can leave the Etihad stadium in the summer 2020 of the year. In addition, possible candidates for his replacement are already being called. The most popular is the nomination of the ex-mentor of Tottenham Mauricio Pochettino.

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It is possible that the sanctions may extend to the performance of Manchester City not only in European competitions, but also in the home championship. According to The Independent, with a high degree of probability 718526 the club can be punished by taking points . This, however, will not greatly affect his position: after 21 tours, Guardiola wards take second place in the standings and have virtually no chance of winning the championship. In their asset 25 point, while the leading “Liverpool” – 67 points.

It is noted that the leadership of the Premier League does not consider a possible decrease in Manchester City ” in class. At the same time, The Independent claims that recently the management of the English Football League (EFL) has changed the rules so that clubs in a similar position begin their journey anew in the Second Football League of England – the fourth strongest division of the country after the Premier League, Championship and First Football League.

It is worth noting that in the light of the possible removal of the “townspeople”, fifth place in the Premier League standings is of particular importance. If Manchester City remains among the leaders, the team that takes this line will receive a ticket to the Champions League. At the moment, it has a modest Sheffield, ahead of clubs such as Tottenham, Everton, Manchester United and Arsenal.