After the tale: “Ice 2” was released

After the tale: “Ice 2” was released

On the day of all lovers, the film “Ice 2” is released – the continuation of the sports melodrama 2018 of the year. The cast of the first part was joined by Anna Mikhalkova, Yulia Khlynina and Vitaliy Kornienko, and Oleg Trofim was replaced by Zhora Kryzhovnikov in the director’s chair. According to the plot of the sequel, the love story of the figure skater Nadia and the hockey player Sasha performed by Aglaya Tarasova and Alexander Petrov ended in a wedding, but with the birth of a daughter, new trials begin in the lives of the heroes. »With Aglaia Tarasova, Alexander Petrov and Milos Bikovich went on hire February 2018 of the year – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The picture was received warmly enough by critics and spectators and collected more than 1.5 billion rubles (thus, today “Ice” is one of the ten highest-grossing films of Russian production). The success inspired the producers to continue the film, which was conceived as a complete, finished work.

The production of the first part of the sports melodrama was led by Oleg Trofim, who had previously worked on music videos and commercials, but to shoot the sequel the producers suggested Zhora Kryzhovnikov (“The Best Day”, “Gorky!”, “Call DiCaprio!”).

This was, if not a logical, at least logical decision: Kryzhovnikov has established himself as a talented filmmaker, in addition, he has experience as a slave. ot with music films (in this regard, the sequel continues the line of the first “Ice”).

The director noted that he looked at the original picture after he got acquainted with the continuation script, so he also perceived his future film as an independent one.

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Perhaps Kryzhovnikov’s attitude to work was very favorable from the point of view of production, however, Ice 2 will inevitably become a continuation of the original story for the audience.

So, for all the difficulties that the main characters Nadia and Sasha overcome together, they should fabulous wedding: the groom, having escaped from the game, bursts into the registry office on skates. The walls of the hall soar to heaven, the first musical pause begins – “Hallelujah of Love” from the legendary rock opera “Juno and Avos.”

Such a scene would be much better for the ending than for the beginning of the story. Therefore, the creators of the tape decided to develop further action from an unexpected scenario turn – so impudent that fans of the first tape can regard it as sacrilege.

Most of the screen time is devoted to the daughter of the heroes, who was also named Nadia. The girl, confident that her dad is a taxi driver and her mother is a doctor (a reference to the Interns?), Dreams of becoming a skater. Coach Shatalin is taken to help her in this.

Sasha is forced to solve more ordinary issues: as soon as he became a single father, he was paid attention to by the guardianship authorities in the person of the traditionally bad and good “policemen” (the latter is played by Anna Mikhalkov). At first, the hero who left the sport for the sake of his daughter must later return to the profession to save his family.

Twice in the same river

The director at Ice has really changed, but the audience is unlikely to notice this: the tape retained all the pros and cons of the first part. Having put his hand to the script, Kryzhovnikov again tried to create a hybrid of themes and genres, which made the central idea of ​​the film darken.

There is not much left of the melodrama in the film, and you won’t call it a drama (which is rather good, than bad). The sports line has been preserved, but is no longer decisive. The theme of the family prevails in the picture.

Elements of the musical migrated from the first film to the second – the same cover clips for not very relevant (but still loved) domestic hits. Unfortunately, they still do not always fit organically into the narrative and fall out of the general style of the tape.

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“Ice 2” is a kind of medley of themes: here there is a place for the confrontation between a person and the authorities in matters of child custody, and the difficult choice between career and family, and the conflict of ambition and humanity (this motive is revealed by the example of the heroine Maria Aronova).

In general, the tape has a very good message: the main thing in a person’s life is family relations with mutual support and readiness for any feats for the sake of a loved one. Nevertheless, in the process of viewing the meaning is lost behind an abundance of side ideas.

It seems that the creators of the picture wanted to please any viewer – from fans to cry over the melodrama to critics of the imperfections of the social structure (and when this balanced on the verge of karaoke). But as a result, the drama made the fairy tale unhappy, and the songs leveled the tragedy.

The main advantages of the tape are acting and narration, which provokes an emotional response. It’s a shame, perhaps, only for the scene where the authors, for no apparent reason, added popular traits to the image of Maria Aronova, which does not combine with either the role or the image of the actress as a whole.

But her musical solo with the song turned out to be very successful Alla Pugacheva “Lake of Hope.” Nine-year-old Vitaliy Kornienko also looks good on the screen, on whose account dozens of roles. Alexander Petrov, as always, is organic in the role of a romantic hero with a difficult fate.

And the very blasphemous plot twist, we must pay tribute to the filmmakers, makes us empathize with the heroes throughout the film – until the very end credits. Whether such a move is justified, it will become clear after the first reviews of the audience.