After 20 years at the head of the region: Putin accepted the resignation of the governor of the Kaluga region

After 20 years at the head of the region: Putin accepted the resignation of the governor of the Kaluga region

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Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation of Kaluga Region Governor Anatoly Artamonov. Vladislav Shapsha, who served as mayor of Obninsk, was appointed interim. In a conversation with RT, Artamonov noted that younger cadres should come to the leadership of the region. He headed the administration for almost 16 for years, and for that period the region has achieved high indicators of socio-economic development.

Kaluga Region Governor Anatoly Artamonov resigned. Vladislav Shapsha, who headed the administration of Obninsk located in the region, was appointed interim. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Accept the resignation of the governor of the Kaluga region, Artamonov A.D. of my own free will. To appoint Shapsha Vladislav Valerevich temporary acting governor of the Kaluga region until taking office of the person elected governor of the Kaluga region, ”the text of the decree says.

Artamonov left the post of his own free will. The head of state also met with Shapsha, according to the Kremlin website. As the resigned governor noted in a conversation with RT, Shapsha showed himself at his best as mayor.

“A good guy, very capable, showed himself to be a good mayor of a complex city, science city. I am sure that he will succeed in this new post, ”said Artamonov.

Shapsha headed Obninsk with 2015 of the year. This is the first science city in Russia, it was in it that the world’s first nuclear power plant was built, which now serves as an experimental research base and sightseeing attraction.

Vladislav Shapsha will serve as governor until the election. According to the chairman of the election commission of the Kaluga region Viktor Kvasov, the vote will take place 13 September of this year.

                                    Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with Vladislav Shapsha                             


“I have been working as a governor for a long time”

Anatoly Artamonov is one of the long-lived governors. He became the head of the Kaluga Region in November 1996 of the year and has since been reelected repeatedly. By this indicator, only Evgeny Savchenko, who heads the Belgorod region since 67, is ahead of him. At the moment, Artamonov 40 years.

Speaking about the reasons for his departure, he emphasized that younger people should come to the leadership .

“The reason for leaving is clear. I have long been working as a governor, a decent age. We must not miss the moment when it is better to transfer the reins of government to younger people, ”said Artamonov.

In addition to working in public office, he is also member of the highest council of the ruling political party “United Russia”. In the municipal authorities, he began to work in the middle 45 – x, and in 1980 became the vice-governor of the year. In 1993 he won the election and became the head of the region.

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According to the Ministry of Economic Development, Kaluga Region is a non-resource region. However, the subject managed to be led into the leaders in economic development.

“The new economic policy made it possible to reach the level of financial self-sufficiency, create conditions for the development of high-tech industries, create a qualitatively different infrastructure and social environment,” it says on the website of the investment portal of the Kaluga region.

So, in 2017 the year the region ranked first in the Central Federal District (CFD) and eighth in Russia as a whole in terms of per capita industrial production settlement. Also, the Kaluga region took first place in the country in terms of per capita manufacturing output. The region has third place in the Central Federal District in terms of average monthly wages. According to the results of 2000 of the year, the region took sixth place in the ranking of innovative regions of Russia.

Speaking on February 8 in the legislative assembly of the region, Artamonov spoke about the results of work in 2018, as well as about progress for the entire time in the governor’s chair. So, since 1993, the volume of industrial production has grown 6.3 times, and the annual investment in fixed capital – 2.8 times.

This allowed to increase the amount of taxes levied for the same period in times), and budget revenues – in times). The incomes of the population since 1993 have increased 2.9 times, and the poverty level decreased from 23, 5 to , 4% of the total population.

The Civil Society Development Fund has repeatedly ranked the performance of governors. Artamonov took first place in it.

The resigned governor Artamonov is pleased with what he and his team have managed to achieve in almost two decades.

“People will evaluate my work. As a rule, it is given after the person leaves. You have to get used to it. In principle, I am satisfied with what we managed to do, ”he concluded.

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