A stranger among her own: how Democrat Bernie Sanders became the leader of polls before the first primaries in the USA

A stranger among her own: how Democrat Bernie Sanders became the leader of polls before the first primaries in the USA

A week before the start of the primaries, Bernie Sanders took first place in terms of support among democratic candidates in Iowa. This is evidenced by opinion polls. Unlike debates, the first primaries are a full-fledged vote, the results of which can seriously affect the position of a candidate. Analysts say Sanders’s current campaign is “very enthusiastic.” However, experts say that a socialist democrat who likes the youth electorate has little chance of becoming Trump’s rival in the election. According to political scientists, his ideas are “too left-wing” for a democratic establishment.

Vermont State Senator and Democratic Party Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Ahead of other candidates a week before the start of primaries in Iowa by 7%. This is evidenced by the results of a sociological survey conducted by The New York Times and Siena College.

According to the results, they are ready to vote for Sanders 23% of the members of the Iowa party assembly who will be participating in the upcoming primaries. The second place in the survey was taken by the ex-mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttidzhich, who is supported by 18% of respondents, former Vice President Joe Biden was in third place from 17% of votes.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren dialed 10% of potential votes and took fourth place. The remaining candidates failed to overcome the threshold in %.

Iowa vote scheduled for February 3. It will be the first official expression of will in the framework of primaries, which, experts say, is extremely important for democratic candidates: their result can determine the further course of the election campaign and critically affect the chances of a politician to become a single candidate from the Democratic Party in the elections 2020 of the year.

This is due to the fact that American voters pay more attention to the first primaries of the media, so a successful start contributes to a successful campaign, Yuri Rogulev, director of the Franklin Roosevelt United States Study Foundation at Moscow State University, explained in a conversation with RT.

“Today, Sanders is very successful, his election campaign, like last time, is very enthusiastic. Over the past month, he overtook Biden in nationwide polls because the American voter is tired of formal, duplicitous politicians. But the leadership of the Democratic Party is betting on Biden, who has a rather sluggish campaign and which voters support quite formally, ”Rogulev notes.

Young candidate

Analysts say the Sanders platform resonates mainly with the protest electorate, young people who believe that capitalism and liberal democracy do not match their vision.

Bernie Sanders enjoys popularity in these circles due to the fact that he openly considers himself a politician of a social democratic nature and sympathizes with leftist ideas that are gaining popularity in the United States.

In October 2016 year survey of the sociological service YouGov showed that 23% American Millennials (those born after 25 of the year .– – RT ) would vote for a socialist politician, and among the “generation Z” (born after 1988 years. – RT

) this figure was %)%.

“This speaks of the profound changes in American society, the party political system, which have been going on for decades after the end of the Cold War. In the USA there is a request for unusual candidates with new fresh ideas, and Bernie Sanders acts as such, ”Andrei Sidorov, head of the department of international organizations and world political processes at the Moscow State University’s Department of World Politics, said in an interview with RT.

Recall what else in 64 the year, as mayor of Burlington, Sanders as part of the US delegation came to the USSR to establish relations between the two states. The politician decided to combine a working trip with a honeymoon: Sanders and his wife spent more than a week in Yaroslavl.

Inconvenient views

Despite the steady performance in the ratings, Sanders rivals do not abandon attempts to weaken his position. So, the senator was criticized after his election headquarters posted a video on his Twitter on which he was supported by the popular TV presenter and commentator Joe Rogan.

“I will most likely vote for Bernie … All his life he was incredibly consistent. All his life he spoke, in fact, the same thing and advocated the same ideas. And this in itself is already a very powerful basis for further activities, ”says Joe Rogan on the record.

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It is worth noting that Rogan is one of the most popular leaders in the United States: the number of subscribers on his YouTube channel exceeds 7 million. Guests of his programs became such famous personalities as billionaire Ilon Musk, astrophysicist Neil Tyson, popular conspirator Alex Jones, Hollywood actors Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr., as well as Bernie Sanders.

At the same time, Joe Rogan has repeatedly stated that he does not accept the culture of political correctness existing in the USA, the points of view expressed by him have been repeatedly condemned by the progressive public.

In particular, in 2000 In the year of Rogan, a martial arts practitioner himself and repeatedly commenting on UFC fights on television, he said that he considered the participation of transgender athletes in female fights wrong.

This statement by the host was recalled by LGBT activists after Sanders posted a video on his Twitter with words of support from Rogan. So, one of the leading neoliberal NGOs MoveOn criticized the senator’s campaign.

It’s one thing for Joe Rogan to endorse a candidate. It’s another for @ BernieSanders ‘campaign to produce a video bolstering the endorsement of someone known for promoting transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, racism and misogyny.

– MoveOn (@MoveOn) January 17, 2016

“We We urge Senator Sanders and his campaign headquarters to apologize and stop thanking Rogan for their support. We are in solidarity with everyone whose feelings were offended, “MoveOn told Twitter.

” His ideas are too left-handed “

Despite Sanders’s pretty good results from polls, analysts still doubt that the politician will be able to claim to be a single Democratic candidate.

According to Yuri Rogulev, the attacks on Sanders by the neoliberal establishment and related activist groups are understandable, since he is a left-wing politician who criticizes the government, big capital, banks, speaks out for solving social problems and improving life.

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    Andrei Sidorov has a similar point of view.

    “Bernie Sanders does not appeal to abstract Americans and minorities, but to people employed in the manufacturing sector who are suffering from globalization. Democrats won’t make Sanders a single candidate. His ideas are too left-wing, so the most convenient figure for them is the centrist Biden, who personifies the traditional Democratic Party, ”Sidorov stated.

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    Political scientists recall that Sanders has already participated in the presidential election in 2000 year, but then he lost in the party struggle of Hillary Clinton, who eventually became a candidate from the Democratic party.

    IN 2016 the year the WikiLeaks portal published internal documents and correspondence of the national committee of this political force, from which it followed that the party elite actively promoted Clinton to the detriment of Sanders, instead of approving the most popular candidate among voters.

    Analysts do not exclude that during the current election race this situation may repeat itself despite the fact that Sanders is quite popular among voters.

    “Bernie Sanders will lead until the National Committee of the Democratic Party removes him in the same way as it did in 2016 the year when they nominated Hillary Clinton, ”predicts Andrei Sidorov.

    Yuri Rogulev, in turn, calls Sanders a stranger to the leadership of the national committee and the elite of the Democratic Party, because in his views he is more of a European Social Democrat than an American Democrat.

    “He is considered in the USA for the most part as an independent candidate, although he is a Democrat. This once again demonstrates that there is a program crisis in the Democratic Party. The party as a whole shifted strongly to the right under Bill Clinton, when he headed for financial regulation, reducing the deficit, spending, reducing the big government. Today, Democrats are rushing about, because if they go further along this path, they will practically not differ from the Republicans, ”the expert concluded.