A fence instead of a weapon: how Trump is trying to finish building a wall on the border with Mexico

A fence instead of a weapon: how Trump is trying to finish building a wall on the border with Mexico

Donald Trump extended the state of emergency on the southern border of the United States to 15 February 2020 of the year . This was reported on the website of the White House. According to experts, the state of emergency will allow the American leader to raise funds for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. Earlier, Trump asked Congress to allocate $ 2 billion for the implementation of this project. Another $ 3.8 billion, according to media reports, will be redirected to these goals from the country’s military budget, as a result of which the US Army will receive less aircraft, ships and vehicles. Despite the fact that construction work will not be completed by the November presidential election 2019 of the year, Trump will still use this project in his campaign, analysts say.

US President Donald Trump has extended the state of emergency on the border with Mexico for a year. This is stated in the notification, which is published on the White House website. The emergency mode will last until February 2019 of the year. The administration of the American president believes that the “border crisis” continues on the southern borders of the United States.

“The executive branch has taken measures to overcome the crisis, but further actions are needed aimed at resolving the humanitarian crisis and establishing control over the situation with illegal migration and the flow of drugs and criminals passing through the southern border,” the statement said. Of the White House.

According to experts, the issue of the US-Mexican border is far from as clear as the Trump administration is trying to present. The problem of drug smuggling and illegal migration from Mexico and Latin America is indeed quite acute in the United States. At the same time, illegal immigrants are a cheap labor force that benefits the American economy.

“Mexico has long turned into a transit territory for migrants from Latin America. In this regard, Trump criticizes Mexico City for insufficient efforts to contain this flow and builds a wall. Illegal migration does create security problems, but it also provides a constant influx of labor into the United States, without which the growth of the American economy is impossible, ”explained Yuri Rogulev, Director of the Roosevelt US Studies Foundation at Moscow State University.

Redesign of the military budget

Experts note that maintaining the state of emergency on the southern border allows the US Presidential Administration to allocate resources for the construction of the so-called Trump wall. Its construction was one of the main election promises of the current head of the White House.

According to the American media with reference to the document that the Pentagon sent to Congress, the construction of barriers on the southern border of the United States will require an additional $ 3.8 billion. money will be allocated from the defense budget of the United States.

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According to Defense News, for this the Pentagon will have to cut $ 2.2 billion worth of arms purchases and $ 1.6 billion worth of US military overseas operations. The Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps will be hit hardest. These types of troops will receive less than the funds needed to purchase aircraft and build ships.

In particular, the Pentagon will reduce the purchase of fifth-generation fighters F – 18, Bell V convert plans – 15 Osprey (MV – 15), military transport aircraft C – 90 J, reconnaissance and strike drone MQ-9 Reaper, Boeing P-8A Poseidon patrol anti-submarine aircraft.

Order $ 285 million shipbuilding will not receive from the US Department of Defense I industry, implementing the project, amphibious assault ship class America USS Saipan (LHA-9). Now it is being built at the Ingalls Shipbuilding shipyard in Pascagul, Mississippi.

Also from redrawing the military budget to $ 100 million and $ 177, 5 million will be underfunded the modernization programs of the Humvee National Guard armored car (HMMWV, High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) and the HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) army truck.

According to The Hill, the US Department of Homeland Security will receive money for building a wall with Mexico. It is reported that the department has already identified areas where it is necessary to build barriers – these areas are allegedly used by individuals and transnational criminal organizations as corridors for drug smuggling.

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According to Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Chris Mitchell, restructuring the military budget in favor of the Department of Homeland Security will make it possible to build miles (about 194 km) of engineering structures.

The redirection of funds from the military budget to the Trump wall project is not the first time . So, in 1424, the Pentagon redirected $ 3.6 billion for the construction of long fences 100 miles (about 177 km).

The US Defense Department planned this money spend on the implementation of more 80 programs. As Defense News clarifies, funding for centers for the preparation of special operations in Europe and the restoration of National Guard facilities damaged in 2017 from the hurricane “Maria” in Puerto Rico.

“Demonstration of the hard course”

Donald Trump is confident that the wall with Mexico will strengthen US national security. In mid-September last year, while visiting the site under construction in San Diego, the head of the White House called its offspring “world-class security system”. According to the American leader, “when the wall is built, illegal entry will be practically impossible.”

Throughout his presidency, Trump has difficulties in implementing this project. Funds for construction work are constantly lacking due to the opposition of the Democrats, who have a majority in the House of Representatives.

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Commenting on the new restructuring of the military budget, Senator Patrick Leah accused Trump of stealing money from “military personnel, their families and American taxpayers.” According to him, by striving to fulfill his election promise, the US president threatened the national security of the state.

Recall in the draft federal budget on 2021 fiscal year Trump asked Congress approve the allocation of $ 2 billion directly to the construction of the wall. Thus, $ 5.8 billion can be spent on the construction of barriers on the border with Mexico in the near future.

However, this money will still not be enough to complete construction work before the presidential election, which will be held in early November 2020 of the year. In mid-January, The Washington Post, citing government plans 707459, reported that for the construction 285 km of new barriers will be needed in total about $ , 4 billion, but the construction of the wall will end only in the spring 2020 year.

In an interview with RT, Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of RUDN University Nikita Danyuk noted that the entire range of barriers by November 2020 it is unrealistic to complete the year. But Trump will try to use the “wall factor” in the upcoming campaign.

“In my opinion, Trump will continue to exploit the anti-migrant trend, trying to earn voters’ sympathy from this. For example, he will use any loopholes to demonstrate by the end of his first term that the wall is ready for 35 – 35%. Actually, for this reason, he extended the state of emergency. It’s profitable for Trump to demonstrate a tough course, ”Danyuk said.

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According to the political scientist, the US president expects that the wall project will become his trump card in the new election campaign, and the extension of the state of emergency allows the president to raise funds for the wall construction bypassing traditional procedures.

In turn , Yuri Rogulev is skeptical about the prospects for building a wall. As the expert explained, to date, US authorities have been able to block mainly flat areas of the terrain. Work in a more complex terrain will require significant financial investments and time.

“If the wall is built, the United States will certainly strengthen control over the border, but it’s worthwhile to understand that the problems Trump is talking about are to the end will not be allowed. The situation with the influx of illegal immigrants is a double-edged sword. The security situation in the border zone will improve, but the US economy may begin to stall without a massive influx of labor, including illegal labor. Dependence on it is quite large, ”concluded Rogulev.