13 misses and a minimum chance for medals in the pursuit: how the Russians failed the women's sprint at the biathlon world Cup

13 misses and a minimum chance for medals in the pursuit: how the Russians failed the women's sprint at the biathlon world Cup

Russians unsuccessfully performed in the women’s sprint at the Biathlon World Championships in Anterselva. For four, they immediately made misses, which did not allow them to join the fight for medals. At the same time, Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht pleased the fans with speed. But Svetlana Mironova showed only 20 – the first move and after the finish hinted at the poor work of the skis.

The disappointing performance of Mironova and the speed of Yurlova-Perkht

The women’s sprint at the World Championships in Anterselva did not bring joy to Russian fans. Although the chances of winning medals by domestic biathletes were initially low, many believed in a miracle, especially since this season the Russians have already raised to the podium in this form at the stages of the World Cup – Svetlana Mironova took bronze in Hochfilzen. A week later, she almost repeated her success in Annecy, but remained in fourth place.

In theory, it was from Mironova that one could expect results, but in the new year, the team’s fastest biathlete fell into a serious functional pit. The coaches assured that during a short pause before the World Cup, Svetlana’s condition can be corrected.

Unfortunately, the sprint showed that a native of the Tomsk region has not yet been able to regain her former shape. Already on the first lap she lost a lot of the move, and then made a mistake on the bench. Mironova added another to him at the counter. Not without the traditional drop in speed on the last lap. As a result, Svetlana finished only 17 – th and showed the worst move among Russians – 38 – th (+1: 13, 6). After the race she hinted that skiing was to blame for everything.

“She feels quite well. I don’t understand where such a big lag came from. You need to look at the cutoff analytics, look at the work of the skis. The last lap? I’m tired. If the skis did not work very well, everything is understandable and understandable. The wind was really constantly changing, I had to wait for the gusts. I’m upset that she showed such a result, but there’s a pursuit race ahead, I’ll tune in to her, ”the athlete promised on Match TV.

Overall, optimism Russian fans were caused only by the performance of Ekaterina Yurlova-Perkht. She, unlike her teammate, managed to get in good shape before the championship of the planet. This became clear from the mixed relay, where an experienced biathlete worked out her stage perfectly.

And in the sprint, Catherine pleased with a good speed. She showed move. At the same time 49 – a second lag behind Denise Herrmann in this component should not be confusing, since the German was again much faster than everyone else . Even the victorious Martha Reuseland lost her power almost 20 seconds.

The speed of Yurlova-Perkht did not raise any questions, but the shooting disappointed. The Russian woman made three misses at once and failed to join the fight for medals.

“Today a gusty wind blew , which constantly changing direction. This affected the shooting on the rack. The coaches said that it was necessary to cuddle up to the end of the shooting range, but even there she felt the tremors of the wind. The same thing happened on the bench. On sighting this was not. But we were told that sudden gusts are possible. Working condition. It’s worth to thank the service team for the skis, which went great despite the weather conditions, ”the Russian woman summed up the race.

Problems of the Old and Kuklina and sensational medalists

However, the wind really created serious difficulties for the athletes. Favorites were no exception. So, at once six misses were made by the leader of the overall standings of the World Cup Tiril Eckhoff, four of them on the rack. The same four targets on the rack were not closed by her compatriot Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold. Tiril eventually took 59 – e place, with great difficulty made her way into the pasture and lost first place in the total Dorothea Wierer.

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Larisa Kuklina and Irina Starykh experienced problems at the firing lines. Both made four misses each, but at least got into the pursuit. The first one took 38 – th line (+1: 49, 6), the second – 50 -u (+1: 50, 1). By the move they lost the already mentioned Herrman for about a minute.

“I do not know what happened at the counter. I will not say that there was a catastrophic wind blowing with which you can’t work. Feels like she should have “made zero.” I don’t understand where the three penalties came from, but most likely these are my mistakes, I “pulled” the trigger, the problem is not in the wind. For the first time since the KM stage in Ostersund, the condition was not bad. Work before the World Cup yielded results, but we need to figure out what I did on the shooting, ”Kuklina quotes“ Championship ”.

In such weather conditions, Royceland managed to win. While her compatriots were failing at the frontiers, Martha made only one mistake and took the second gold in the current tournament. But the day before the start of the world championship, the Norwegian rifle broke, but the national team managed to solve this problem.

The second place was sensationally taken by Susan Dunkley, who was helped to rise so high by just perfect shooting. For her, this World Cup silver was the second in her career. In 59 – m in Hochfilzen, an experienced American finished second in the mass start.

Bronze in a bitter struggle with the Ukrainian Elena Pidgrushnoy won Lucius Harvatova. Both started in late numbers and took advantage of changing weather conditions. The temperature in the stadium dropped, and the track “glazed.” As a result, the Czech Republic showed good speed and for the first time in her career she went up to the World Cup podium. Before, she had never taken medals even at KM. And the Czech team won the second award in Anterselva, although in the first part of the season it looked quite modest. However, to the main start, the coaches brought the wards in perfect shape.