The mother of 9-year-old Roman Bolts told how she achieved recognition of her son as an invalid

The mother of 9-year-old Roman Bolts told how she achieved recognition of her son as an invalid



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Specialists of the Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise assigned the hero of the publication RT nine-year-old Roman Boltsa disability to achieve 18 years old. The boy has a congenital incurable pathology of vision. However, the last two years they refused to recognize him as a disabled person. After a request from RT, the Ministry of Labor initiated an internal audit, during which a commission from Moscow arrived in Astrakhan. In addition, the best ophthalmologists of the Astrakhan region, as well as the regional commissioner for human rights took part in the examination of the child.


                            “When the decision was announced, I burst into tears”: the mother of nine-year-old Roman Bolts told RT how her son was recognized as disabled                     

    A medical examination of the nine-year-old Roman Bolz took place December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities. By in the morning at the Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (ITU) A commission consisting of people gathered in the Astrakhan region ophthalmologists of the Southern Federal District and representatives of the ITU Federal Bureau.

    He headed the commission of the deputy head of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of the Federal Security Service of the Ministry of Labor of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation on improving medical and social expertise and rehabilitation of disabled people Sergey Kozlov.

    As RT’s mother Natalia Shelukhina told RT, the medical examination lasted more than two hours. According to the woman, the child was examined by neurologists, pediatricians, his eyesight was checked, his fundus was examined, and he also studied the glasses he wears. Then a psychological examination was held.

    Shelukhina says that she told the commission in detail about Roman’s life from the age of six months, as well as what problems he faces every day while studying at school and how new ones are added to existing diagnoses every year.

    She confirmed all her words with the corresponding documents – the originals of medical extracts for all years on the main and concomitant diseases.

    “The experts were quite attentive, peaceful, carefully examined my child with all the documentation,” says Natalya. – I was pleased with the survey, since it was absolutely contrary to the examinations in the ITU Astrakhan bureau. I told Sergey Kozlov the history of our disease, which ITU Astrakhan experts paid attention to, what wasn’t, and why there was a prejudice towards my child. ”

    I could not believe that it was all over

    The experts did not hesitate in making the decision. Just a few minutes after the end of the inspection, the members of the expert commission invited Natalya Shelukhina and Roma to the office and said that they had June 18 of the year to him the category “disabled child” is established until adulthood.

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  • “When they voiced it, I could not restrain myself and burst into tears. They even let the water calm down. How much I had to go through to prove my case. I just could not believe that everything would end. One member of the commission said: “I understand the reaction of my mother, because there are so many years of struggle, to go through such circles of hell.” I sincerely thanked the experts of the ITU Federal Bureau for drawing attention to our problem, came to us, carried out a survey, recognized my innocence, which I tried to prove for three years, and the category of “disabled child” was restored to us for the very reasons according to which it was always supposed, ”says Natalya.

    Chairman of the expert commission Sergey Kozlov, in an interview with RT, confirmed that during the examination the boy revealed impairments in his vision and neurology. He also noted that in the near future Roman will undergo magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, after which he will be sent by quota to one of the specialized medical centers for eye diseases to receive recommendations on further treatment tactics.

    A certificate of disability and an individual rehabilitation program will be sent to Natalia by mail in the near future.

    “I did not expect that the ITU Federal Bureau and the Ministry of Labor will somehow react to the problems of my child. But thanks to RT’s request, media coverage of our problem, and the fact that so many people have joined — State Duma deputies, the Commissioner for Children’s Rights, lawyer Shota Gorgadze, journalist Vladimir Solovyov — logic has finally triumphed. I am grateful to everyone who took an active part in resolving our issue. I still can’t believe that my three-year marathon ended in a positive decision. The child received a disability, and finally I will have more opportunities to deal with his health, ”said Natalya.

    In addition, the woman noted that she hopes for the objectivity and fairness of the verification initiated by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation on the legality of decisions taken earlier regarding the boy.

    Recall that in 693402 Roman Bolz congenital incurable pathology of vision. When the boy was two years old, ITU experts established him with a disability and annually for five consecutive years confirmed it. However, when the time came to extend this status to adulthood, the experts first extended the disability for a year, and after the mother complained about violations during the examination of the child, they removed it altogether.

    690399 Publication RT about the boy caused a wide public outcry. The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor General’s Office, as well as State Duma deputies Oksana Pushkina and Yevgeny Primakov, the Commissioner for the Rights of the Russian Federation on the Rights of the Child Anna Kuznetsova, lawyer Shota Gorgadze and journalist Vladimir Solovyov joined in the solution of the problem.