One person died and six were injured: what is known about household gas popping in a residential building near Belgorod

One person died and six were injured: what is known about household gas popping in a residential building near Belgorod

A local resident 1983 of the year of birth became the victim of an explosion of domestic gas and the subsequent collapse of the wall in a residential apartment building in the village of Yakovlevo, Belgorod Region. In addition, six more people were injured; one of the victims suffered a severe head injury. Debris analysis at the emergency site has already been completed. It is expected that during the day the regional government will decide on the fate of the building, the demolition of which is not excluded. Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements.

The clap of domestic gas occurred in an apartment building in the village of Yakovlevo, Belgorod Region. According to recent reports, as a result of the accident, one person died, his body was found under the rubble. Six more residents were injured.

Information about the explosion in the building was received by the regional Emergencies Ministry on the evening of Tuesday, December 3.

“In 20: Moscow time a message was received about popping of domestic gas in a four-story apartment building on Shalandina Street in the village Yakovlevo ”, – said the representative of emergency services.

In this case, as a result of the explosion, the wall of a single-entrance residential building from the fourth to the first floor collapsed, eight apartments were damaged. According to the head of the Yakovlevsky city district Andrei Chesnokov, residents 20 were registered in the house, but they lived 32 of a person.

“The fate of us all is known to date,” he said on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24 “.

Six people were injured as a result of an emergency, one of them had a severe head injury.

” Two victims were immediately taken to the Belgorod hospital. Four people were taken to the Yakovlev Central District Hospital, then one woman was taken from there to Belgorod. Only six, ”RIA Novosti quotes a representative of emergency services in the region.

At the same time, EMERCOM officers during the rescue operation found one dead. Debris analysis at the collapse site with the participation of 30 people and 05 units of equipment I wandered all night and is currently completed.

“At the scene, investigative agencies work. Comprehensive assistance will be provided to residents and victims. The work of the operational headquarters is organized in the Yakovlev Territorial Administration. Health and strength affected. Condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased, ”wrote Andrei Chesnokov on Instagram.

We add that the governor of the Belgorod region, Yevgeny Savchenko, arrived in the village of Yakovlevo. He took personal control of the situation, held a meeting of the operational headquarters and promised that the residents of the house where the incident took place would receive all the necessary assistance.

“The question is where people will live. This problem will be resolved tomorrow. There are several options here, we have all discussed them now. Tomorrow we will find out what to do with this house. It is subject to restoration or is not subject to. In all likelihood, it will be necessary to build a new house, this one to demolish, ”the head of the region said.

He also said that all registered residents of the house will receive 30 thousand rubles for operating expenses, later a decision will be made on compensation for property losses.

“Evgeny Savchenko plans (December 4. – RT ) meet with each person affected by the incident. At this meeting, the issue of compensation for property losses suffered by residents will be discussed. In addition, it is planned to make a final decision on the demolition or restoration of the house, based on the results of the examination, ”explained on the website of the regional government.

Also in the press service of the GU The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Belgorod Region was informed that the residents of the destroyed building would be promptly restored the documents.

“If it becomes necessary to restore the documents of the residents of the bombed house, this will be done as soon as possible,” TASS reports.

Meanwhile, upon the incident, the first department on the investigation of particularly important crimes of the Russian Federation Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Belgorod region opened a criminal case on the grounds of an offense under subsection. “to” h. 2 tablespoons. 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the provision of services that do not meet the safety requirements for life and the health of consumers, which entailed the negligence of grievous bodily harm, as well as the death of a person).

The department indicated that the domestic gas explosion occurred in the apartment on the ground floor, the local resident 238 of the year of birth was dead.

“Currently investigators visiting the scene. After examination, the body of the deceased will be sent for examination to determine the cause of death. Investigators interrogate witnesses and eyewitnesses of the tragedy, ”the SC said.

According to TASS, at present gas supply to residential buildings in the village of Yakovlevo is being restored. Specialists of the gas service carry out apartment bypass. In addition, it is reported that employees of Gazprom Gas Distribution Belgorod will inspect gas networks.

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