“Expositions” and Reality: in the USA, a film will be shot about the leaked report on the “interference” of the Russian Federation in the elections of the NSA contractor

“Expositions” and Reality: in the USA, a film will be shot about the leaked report on the “interference” of the Russian Federation in the elections of the NSA contractor

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American filmmakers will remove the biopic about Reality Winner, the NSA contractor, who is in 2017 the year passed the intelligence report on the alleged “interference” of Russia in the course of the US presidential election. The picture with the working title Winner will be shot by Susanne Vogel. The script for the film was written by journalist Kerry Hawley, who was already working on a biographical material about Winner for one of the American publications. According to foreign media reports, Big Beach Films studio will work on the development of the biopic, working on the painting “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” For more details, see RT.

In the United States, they will remove a biographical tape about Reality Winner, the former contractor of the US special services, who is in 2017 a year passed a secret report to reporters about the alleged “Russian interference in the US presidential election.” This was reported by the publication Variety.

At the moment, the biopic is called Winner – by the name of the prototype of the main character (which also literally translates as “winner”). Nothing is known about the caste of the future picture.

The project is being developed by writer Amanda Phillips and producers of Big Beach Films studio (who worked on the creation of the film “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”) Daniel Melia and Peter Saraf.

Suzanne Vogel was brought in as a director. In the filmography of the director, the multi-series projects “Pursuit of Life” and “Popular and in Love”, as well as the full-length film “The Spy Who Threw Me” appear. The latter, as in the new tape, dealt with the work of special services, but the comedy action genre provided for a completely different presentation.

The script for the upcoming film was written by journalist Kerry Hawley, who already wrote about the history of Winner. In December 25 of the year, The New York Magazine published her biographical article about the life of the NSA contractor – from birth to imprisonment .

Recognizing that the heroine of her material is significantly different from other well-known informants, the author nevertheless puts her on a par with figures such as Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks informant Chelsea Manning.

The producers of the tape consider the main goal to portray the informant as a person and tell her story to a wide audience.

“We were honored to make a film about Reality Winner based on the beautiful script by Kerry Hawley,” cites Daniel Melia Variety.

For such an important task, in her opinion, it’s necessary to carefully a well-chosen team.

“We are long-time fans of Suzanne Vogel’s work and we don’t even imagine who would better catch the essence of this complex character by looking at him through the prism of empathy and humanity. Among Americans, there are too few who know about this compulsory familiarization story, and the creative team we have assembled is ideal for telling it, ”added Melia.

Vogel, in turn, also insists on the significance of the image of the main character of the film for American culture and society.

“Through the lips of Reality Winner, an entire generation of young people speaks who find it difficult to reconcile their personal moral and ethical guidelines with the decline in morality that is characteristic of institutions of our society that we want with to be worthy of pride and fidelity, “the director said.

In addition, Vogel told what concept she is going to adhere to when creatively comprehending Winner’s biography:” Based on Kerry’s wonderful script (Hawley. – RT ) we can tell her actual story not in a moralizing and biased tone, but with an emphasis on humor and emotions. ”

The reality in custody

In 2017 US law enforcement officers arrested Reality Lee Winner, a Pluribus International Corporation employee, during the year. She was suspected of disclosing classified information – in particular, that she had sent a classified intelligence report to a news publication.

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According to foreign media reports, the report talked about hacker attacks allegedly carried out by the GRU to interfere in the electoral process in the United States.

It was noted that the “hacking” was carried out in order to obtain data on software related to the elections. In addition, it was reported that phishing emails were sent to officials.

However, the report did not contain information on whether the alleged hacker attacks had an effect on the outcome of the election campaign in the United States. Also, no data were provided on how the NSA received data on the actions of the “hackers.”

Winner, in turn, confessed to the deed. After her arrest, she spent a year in custody, and in August 2017 she was sentenced to 25 months (more than five years) of the prison – thus, its term will come to an end in 2023 year.

Russia has repeatedly denied allegations of attempts to interfere in the electoral processes in the United States. The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the allegations by Washington are unfounded.

In turn, Russian leader Vladimir Putin emphasized that “useless and harmful chatter” about “Russian interference in the US election” is nothing more than an attempt by the United States “to resolve internal political issues using foreign policy instruments. “