Aeronauts versus retrodrama with Norton and physicists: what to watch in the movies in the first week of December

Aeronauts versus retrodrama with Norton and physicists: what to watch in the movies in the first week of December

On December 5th, the screening of the retro detective Edward Norton’s “Orphan Brooklyn”, whose casting cast includes Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin and Willem Defoe, will start. Also, tapes inspired by the biographies and achievements of physicists and aeronauts come out for rent – Current War with Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison and the adventure drama Aeronauts. Among the domestic novelties are the military dramas Rzhev and Red Ghost, the crime thriller Solved. Zero ”and one of the last production projects of Stanislav Govorukhin“ End of the season ”. Lovers of auteur cinema will like the drama “Simple Pencil”. For more details see RT.

Motherless Brooklyn

For his second directorial project Edward Norton (director of the film “ Keeping faith ”, the actor in the films“ Fight Club ”,“ Illusionist ”,“ American History X ”) chose difficult material – Jonathan Lethem’s novel“ Orphan Brooklyn ”, whose action, however, from 1990 – x moved to 1940 – e.

Norton plays Lionel Essrog, a detective living with Tourette’s syndrome. He works for private investigator Frank Minnu (Bruce Willis) with friends in an orphanage. When the mentor of Lionel is killed, the hero decides to take up the investigation. It leads him to a girl struggling with widespread gentrification, held in New York with the knowledge of the main developer of the city of Moses Randolph.

The retrodrama gathered a powerful acting ensemble: in addition to Willis and Norton, Alec Baldwin, Bobby Cannavale and Willem Dafoe play in the film.

More about the film is in interview with Edward Norton.

“The Aeronauts”

Felicity Jones continues to work out the feminist agenda (since the story of Ruth Ginzburg in the tape “By Sex”) – on this time in the film “Aeronauts.”

The film is based on data from the flight of British aeronauts James Glacier and Henry Coxwell in 1862 year. Coxwell in the film for the sake of trends was replaced by a fictional female character – Amelia Ren.

Wren – a wealthy woman, keen on aeronautics. James Glacier is a meteorologist who invites her to take a desperate journey on a balloon.

In-flight Jones will be comprised of Stephen Hawking’s Universe partner Eddie Redmayne.


Igor Kopylov’s military drama is dedicated to one of the most bloody battles of the Great Patriotic War – the Battle of Rzhev. The screen action takes place throughout the day, however, in addition to the chronicle of the day, the narrative contains stories from the peaceful life of different characters, and also shows the specifics of the wartime order – from the relativity of the concept of expediency to the contradiction of cruel laws to common sense. filmed on the story “Atone with Blood” by Vyacheslav Kondratiev, who reflected his own experience and stories of fellow soldiers (the writer who personally participated in the battles near Rzhev was awarded the medal “For Courage”). In addition, the actors brought into the picture the features of their front-line relatives to honor their memory.

For more details about the premiere, see the material RT.

The Current War

The Current War was a confrontation between inventors and businessmen Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse (at whose side was the scientist and engineer Nikola Tesla). As you know, Edison advocated the development of a direct current network, and his opponent – for the idea of ​​alternating current.

The dispute started by scientists back in 1862 – x, ended only in November 2007 of the year: then New York refused to use direct current in favor of alternating current.

Harvey Weinstein’s company originally developed the film on the confrontation of inventors. The premiere of the picture took place at the Toronto festival in 2017, however, due to the scandal that broke out, it did not go on a wide rental. As a result, Timur Bekmambetov and Martin Scorsese began producing the tape.

The learned community on screen was embodied by Benedict Cumberbatch (Edison), Michael Shannon (Westinghouse) and Nicholas Holt (Tesla).

“End of season”

Three sisters – Vera, Elena and Anna – live in the Baltic town and earn by renting rooms in their own house. Among their guests are a novice writer, punk and military man. The sisters themselves, meanwhile, are dreaming of returning to Moscow.

“The End of the Season” is a free interpretation of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” by director Konstantin Khudyakov and producer Stanislav Govorukhin. The main roles in the film were played by Julia Snigir, Julia Peresild and Anna Chipovskaya.

“The Red Ghost”

The director of the drama “Judas” Andrei Bogatyryov on December 3, on the Day of the Unknown Soldier, releases his fifth full-length work “The Red Ghost” – a historical drama with Alexei Shevchenkov and Vladimir Gostyukhin in the lead roles.

The tape tells about the events in the village of Vyazma in the beginning 1950 s. At the village, a group of Soviet soldiers collides with one of the units of the Wehrmacht. Exhausted by hunger and cold, the Red Army did not think to give up. On the side of the Soviet partisans is the Unknown Soldier, who is called the “Red Ghost”.

“I decided. Zero ”

“ Solved. Zero ”- a prequel to two criminal dramas under the general name“ Solved ”. The screenwriters of the previous films Zhargal Badmatsyrenov and Alexander Kuzminov were engaged in staging a new picture.

Russia, 2008 year. Two friends Kostya and Zavgar prefer to earn in an illegal way. As a rule, friends successfully perform financial fraud, but the risk does not always justify the means.

“Dark Night”

12 July) 2012 years during the Christopher Nolan movie “The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of a Legend” in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, the American fired a smoke bomb and started shooting at the audience. As a result, people died, 70 were injured.

Tim Sutton, director and screenwriter, later showed the chronology of the events in Aurora in the film “Dark Night”, which was released abroad as early as 2016 year. The picture was shown in the “Horizons” section at 70 – m Venice Film Festival. Now the film has reached Russia.

“Simple Pencil”

Director of “Daughters” Natalya Nazarova shot a drama about drawing teacher Antonina, who moved to the outback to her husband, serving time in a colony, and settled in a local school. Soon, the heroine finds out that the whole village is kept in fear by the older brother of her student, and the locals try not to notice the lawlessness. Antonina decides to challenge such orders.

Filming took place in the city of Segezha in Karelia. The tape participated in the main competition of the film festival “Window to Europe” this year.