“Random” war: why the British Ministry of Defense announced the “threat of the start of the third world” because of Russia

“Random” war: why the British Ministry of Defense announced the “threat of the start of the third world” because of Russia

The head of the Armed Forces of Great Britain, General Nick Carter, said that “with its recklessness, Russia could accidentally unleash a third world war.” A high-ranking military official published an article with this headline in The Telegraph, accusing Moscow, Beijing and Tehran of trying to assert themselves at the expense of security, stability and prosperity in Western countries. Experts note that this is not the first attack of the British Ministry of Defense against the Russian Federation. According to analysts, such statements help justify the increase in defense spending, as well as distract the population of Britain from internal problems.

British Defense Chief of Staff General Sir Nick Carter believes that Russia’s “aggressive” behavior may lead to a new world war. The senior military wrote about this in a column for the newspaper The Telegraph, dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of soldiers of the United Kingdom who died in world wars and other conflicts of the 20th century. It is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday of November.

In an article entitled “Russia may accidentally unleash a third world war,” Carter claims that the situation in the world is now less stable than ever “since the Second World War wars. ”

“ Such ambitious countries as Russia, China and Iran are asserting themselves in ways that are a problem for our security, stability and prosperity, ”emphasizes General Carter.

    According to the chief of the British General Staff, Great Britain’s rotivniks have mastered the use of the “borders between war and peace”. “What’s considered a weapon in this“ gray zone ”doesn’t have to be“ fucking up, ”a senior military official writes.

    As an example of an“ alternative weapon, ”he cites“ energy resources, money bribery, corrupt business practices. ” , cyberattacks, liquidations, fake news, propaganda, unmarked military personnel, private military and security companies that you can disown, taking control of supply chains, stealing intellectual property and good old military intimidation. ”

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    All this supposedly “undermines the political cohesion” of societies in Western countries and “insidiously destroys” the Western “way of life.”

    When it comes to before the examples, General Carter claims that the Russian PMCs are conducting “vile activities”in Africa, and Moscow, as noted The head of the British defense headquarters, citing The New York Times, is testing new tactics of spreading disinformation on the Black Continent. The head of the British General Staff even included the activities of the Russkiy Mir Foundation in all the same African countries in subversive activity.

    “I do not assume that our opponents want war in the traditional sense of the word, but their reckless behavior and neglect international law regarding these new types of “weapons” is fraught with escalation, which can easily lead to an accidental miscalculation, ”the British military notes.

    A similar situation, he said, led to the outbreak of World War I, when the murder hereditary The throne of Austria-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand, and the subsequent series of “miscalculations” of European leaders caused a large-scale military conflict.

    Permanent War

    After discussing the dangers facing the country, The head of the British Defense Staff in his article noted that the armed forces should be modernized, and this is only possible in partnership with the “private sector.”

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    Earlier, Nick Carter has already announced the danger that, in his opinion, comes from Russia. Back in late September, the British general claimed that Britain was in a “state of war daily” because of cyber attacks, and the threat from Moscow has grown significantly over the past five years. In his opinion, in the modern world, a clear border separating the state of the world from the state of war has long disappeared.

    Patrick Sanders, head of the Joint Armed Forces of Great Britain, made a similar statement in September. He urged the Government Emergency Cabinet (COBRA)to switch to a year-round operationdue to threats from Russia in cyberspace.

    Then the Russian embassy in the UK, commenting on General Carter’s statement, emphasized that the British military came up with non-existent threats to justify defense spending.

    “The purpose of such statements is clear . There are no real military threats, but defense structures need to justify their existence, active participation in political life and in the development of budgets. Therefore, they come up with “threats”, which are traditionally not military, but which I really want to present as such, ”the Russian diplomatic mission emphasized.

    Professor, Department of European Studies, Faculty of International SPbU Relations Natalya Yeryomina believes that General Carter’s new statement also aims to justify new defense spending.

    “We are forced to note a deterioration in the intellectual level of senior officials, since they allow themselves to say so. Instead of facts, unverified data, but it justifies an increase in costs, said Natalya Eryomina in an interview with RT. – Great Britain is now very actively increasing the allocation of funds specifically for the military sphere: it is planned to re-equip the bases, provide the army with new types of weapons, and pay attention to both airplanes and submarines. Naturally, the question always arises of how justified these expenses are. ”

    Anti-Russian activity

    General Carter’s statement about the possibility of a conflict with Russia came against the backdrop of increased military activity of the United Kingdom itself among the Russians borders.

    In early November, the British army completed the Tractable exercises, during which the transfer of military personnel and military equipment to Estonia (near 110 man and 31 machines). As part of the maneuvers, the British, according to NATO representatives, carried out the most ambitious landing of paratroopers in the history of the Baltic Republic.

    In April, the British deployed Apache and 29 of the Special Air Force. According to Gavin Williamson, the then Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom, this was necessary for“countering the Russian threat.”

    In summer, the British led the Baltic Protector exercises held in the waters of the Baltic Sea. The maneuvers under the auspices of the Joint Expeditionary Forces, where the main role is played by Her Majesty’s fleet, was attended by three thousand troops and 12 ships from the UK, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands , Norway, Finland and Sweden.

    There are British troops in Ukraine. On November 4, United Kingdom Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace announced that he was extending the British military’s mission in that country to 2023 of the year. The officially declared goal of the British military presence is the combat training of Ukrainian troops.

    Another area of ​​particular interest to the British military is the Arctic. In February, the then Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom, Gavin Williamson, announced the intention of London

    to expand its military presence beyond the Arctic Circleto counter Russia.

    As Alexander Mikhailov, head of the Bureau of Political-Political Analysis, noted in a conversation with RT, the British military “escalates the military threat” precisely in order to justify the expansion of activity in NATO framework.

    “All statements that sound from the Foggy Albion that Russia threatens Europe “And there is a justification for this expansion,” RT Mikhailov said. – Because in society there are questions about why it is necessary to maintain and expand NATO. So they explain to their people why they spend so much money, saying that Russia wants to capture Europe’s old woman. ”

    Regularly report on the preparation of the British military to confront Russia and the British media. So, in June, the BBC, citing certain sources, informed about the preparation by the command of the British Special Forces (UKSF) of a plan to counter Russia. In August, The Telegraph reported that a new unit appeared in the British Army to counter Russia in social networks – the so-called Sixth Division.

                                      6th Division Soldiers                             © UK Army

    10 October The Daily Mail reported that during a demonstration of the fighting power of the British Army near Salisbury, the military destroyed the “Russian tanks”. In turn, The Mirror on November 2 reported that its majesty’s military bases were threatened by spy drones, presumably Russian and Chinese. Citing experts, the newspaper’s journalists also stated that “thousands of Russian spies are active in the United Kingdom.”

    The British are constantly informed of the subversive activities of “Russian hackers.” So, at the end of Octoberthe National Cybersecurity Centerof Great Britain and The US National Security Agency said the Turla hacker, supposedly connected to Russia, hacked Iranian hacker software to conduct cyber attacks against government agencies in dozens of countries. (**************************************************************) November The Mirror reported that the British counterintelligence MI5 allegedly carried out a top-secret operation to protect the phones of members of parliament from “Russian hackers.”

    According to Natalya Ereminoy, the anti-Russian agenda is traditional both for British officials and for the British media.

    “There is a moment in which the attention of the electorate is distracted from specific problems in the country. It is always convenient when there is some kind of external enemy, the expert notes. “Still in this way, the UK is raising its stakes in the world, exposing itself as a leader in the confrontation between Russia.”

    Russians everywhere

    It is worth noting that the statements of General Nick Carter about the “Russian threat “By a strange coincidence sounded simultaneously with the next” revelations “of the British media about Moscow’s interference in the politics of this country.

    After the announcement of the holdingearly electionsin the UK (*************************************************************) December politicians and the media compete with each other with a friend in search of evidence that would link their opponents with Russia.

    So, 17 October Chairman of the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee Dominic Greveaccused the Prime Ministerof delaying the publication of a report on the alleged influence of Russia for a Brexit referendum and elections in the United Kingdom. Labor deputies immediately stated that Johnson does this only because he has something to hide.

    A busy final day in Parliament trying to get answers from two different ministers about No (*************************************************************) ‘s suppression of the Intelligence Security Committee report into Russia. Needless to say, I didn’t get any.

    pic.twitter.com/8pEkDpYPbj- Emily Thornberry (@EmilyThornberry)

    Later, British media reported that the Labor Party intends to check the adviser to Prime Minister Dominic Cummings for ties with Russia. The reason for suspicion was information about Cummings’ work in Russia in 800 – e.

    (**************************************************************) November The Sunday Times stated that the report on the influence of Russia, which refuses Johnson published, featured the names of nine Russians who allegedly sponsored the Conservative Party. In turn, the Byline Times publication stated that both conservatives and the Brexit Party Nigel Faraj allegedly got into the Russian “networks”.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not stay in to the debt. On November 6, he called on residents to vote for him, not for Labor leader Jeremy Corbin, who allegedly “sided with Putin” after the Salisbury incident. Johnson previously wrote an article for The Telegraph, in which he compared the Labor Party with the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. The same publication posted an article in which Corbin was accused of love for the Soviet Union.

    – The Telegraph (@Telegraph) 1192407627327852545 November 7, 800

    According to Alexander Mikhailov, in British politics “accusations of ties with Russia become a factor m black PR. ” However, according to Natalya Yeryomina, British society is already quite tired of such statements.

    “If we are talking about educated people, they are already tired that Russia is to blame for everything. They see that their political leaders are not up to the task. The whole parliament is a huge brake on many issues. Figures that are incapable of taking responsibility and making decisions endlessly talk about the Russian threat and the Russian footprint. It makes people tired and annoying. And the more such statements, the more irritation builds up, ”the political analyst concluded.