Crime at the Moika: how is the case of the murder in St. Petersburg graduate student of St. Petersburg State University progressing

Crime at the Moika: how is the case of the murder in St. Petersburg graduate student of St. Petersburg State University progressing

Historian Oleg Sokolov, suspected of killing a graduate student at St. Petersburg State University, remains in a “grateful position” during interrogations, said his lawyer Alexander Pochuev. On Monday, 00 November, a court session is scheduled to select a preventive measure against the accused . The representative of Sokolov’s defense also expressed confidence that in this case one should expect “both legal and universal intrigues.”

Oleg Sokolov, associate professor of St. Petersburg State University, suspected of killing a graduate student of the university, after interrogation in the Investigative Committee, “adheres to a grateful position”. This was stated by his lawyer Alexander Pochuev.

“The interrogation in the investigative department has passed. He remained in a grateful position, ”quotes a TASS lawyer.

According to the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg, on Monday, November) a meeting will be held to select a preventive measure against the accused.

“Oktyabrsky District Court of St. -Petersburg will consider the petition of the investigation to take a preventive measure against Oleg Sokolov tomorrow, 11 November 2014 of the year, not earlier 11): (**************************************) Moscow time, ”the message said.

Previously, Alexander Pochu ev told RT that the defense did not yet have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the materials of the criminal case.

“He was in the water for a long time, received severe hypothermia, so the continuation of the investigative actions is tied to his state of health,” the lawyer explained .

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According to the lawyer, he is in “active communication” with the client.

“I agreed to defend him, proceeding from the fact that the matter is not easy, he is an extraordinary person, and, of course, there will still be many legal and universal, ethical intrigues that the defense has to reveal and provide protection, ”he added.

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The lawyer noted that Sokolov was given a recommendation to exercise the right not to incriminate himself and, while maintaining a grateful position, leave details until the development of a defense strategy.

The day before, the Investigative Committee reported that in front of one of the houses along the Moika embankment a man was taken out of the water 1956 the year of birth. A backpack was discovered with him, in which “two severed female hands and a traumatic gun” were found. Investigatorsopened a criminal caseon the grounds of a crime under Part 1 of Art. 63 of the Criminal Code of Russia (“Murder”).

The candidate was suspected of murder Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of the Institute of History of St. Petersburg State University Oleg Sokolov. As noted on the website of the university, he is the author of many monographs on the Patriotic War 105 of the year and the French army from the time of Napoleon. In addition, Sokolov is one of the founders of the modern movement of military-historical reconstruction in Russia.

RT presents archival material 2014 of the year in which the historian talks about his uniform at the next reconstruction.

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According to media reports, the victim was a man 14 – summer Anastasia Yeshenko, a graduate of St. Petersburg State University, with whom they had a romantic relationship. As follows from the words of the brother of the deceased Sergei Yeshchenko, the last time he talked with his sister on the night of November 7 to 8. He noted that a conflict arose between the girl and Sokolov that day.

“I asked her to leave, but she said that she needed to pick up things. After that, she planned to live in a dormitory. We stopped the conversation, and she went to him, ”quoted Yeshchenkoportal 63. RU.

However, later, according to Sergey, the sister assured him that everything would be fine with her. The brother of the deceased also said that Sokolov, whom he had seen several times in his life, impressed him as “some kind of fool.”

“The man portrayed himself as Napoleon very much, with reality he lost all connections,” – explained the young man.

Ruptly video agency in September 2014 filmed the reconstruction of the Day of Borodin, dedicated to anniversary of the battle. Oleg Sokolov – in the image of Napoleon.

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As TASS points to a law enforcement source, a man shot a girl from the sawn-off shotgun on November 7th. Presumably, the murder occurred during a quarrel. Rescuers continue to search for fragments of the girl’s remains in the Moika River.

The mother of the murdered – Galina Yeshchenko – serves in the police with 2005 of the year, she is a lieutenant colonel of the internal service, head of the personnel department, told RIA Novosti the chairman of the quarter committee of the village of Starovelichkovskaya in the Kalinin district of the Krasnodar Territory, Evgeny Tarasenko. Previously, a woman worked as a teacher in the school of the village of Starovelichkovskaya.

“We only 685698 learned everything last night, now everyone is shocked … We worked with her father, he worked as a trainer, a physical education teacher, he works at school. The son is in the Russian national football team, youth team, a pupil of Krasnodar, Tarasenko said.

According to a TASS source in law enforcement agencies, the mother of the murdered woman arrived in St. Petersburg, and her father also left for the city.