“Miranchuk should try himself in Europe”: Buznikin about the match “Lokomotiv” – “Krasnodar”

“Miranchuk should try himself in Europe”: Buznikin about the match “Lokomotiv” – “Krasnodar”

The match between Lokomotiv and Krasnodar within the framework of the (*******************) round of the RPL should be equal, the winner in it is extremely difficult to predict. This was stated in an interview with RT by the head of the southerners’ selection service and former railway forward Maxim Buznikin. At the same time, he recalled that the red-green had one day more rest after the European competition. The functionary also spoke about the possible transfer of Alexei Miranchuk to Europe and spoke about the secret of the quick adaptation of Manuel Fernandes.

“Defeat from Juventus should not have psychological impact on Lokomotiv

– Don’t you think that Lokomotiv can be called an outsider of the match? After all, the team had the hardest game with Juventus, and Yuri Semin has practically no bench.

– I do not agree. I think the chances of the teams to win are equal, especially since Lokomotiv had a better rest day. In addition, the team will play in Cherkizovo with the support of their fans, and Krasnodar will have to leave. Both teams have personnel problems. Therefore, I can’t predict the outcome of the match. But, again, southerners can not be called a clear favorite.

– Can railroad workers not recover psychologically after playing with Juventus? Still, the defeat from the Turinians on 24 – the minute turned out to be very offensive …

– I do not think so. Yes, we lost, but this failure should not exert psychological pressure on the team, in the end, we are talking about different tournaments. In the match with Juventus Lokomotiv gave everything that it could, it showed good football, therefore, in my opinion, railroad workers should not have a feeling of disappointment. Yes, and we must not forget that on Sunday the wards of Yuri Semin will face the most important game, in fact the battle for second place.

– Marinato Guillerme the game with Juventus made a resultant mistake, which was not the first for him in recent times. What can be connected with such a series of blots, because a naturalized Brazilian is already an experienced, psychologically stable goalkeeper?

– I can draw conclusions only on the basis of what I see on the football field. And what is happening in Guillerme’s head, I don’t know. But mistakes happen at all, including in key matches. Even experienced goalkeepers. Yes, now everyone is talking about that unfortunate ball in a meeting with Juventus, but I don’t think that Marinato can repeat this blot in the next matches. This is football.

– After the games with Juventus, many send Alexei Miranchuk to Europe. In your opinion, is he ready to move to a stronger championship?

– I think he must decide for himself. And if Alex understands that you need to go, then, of course, it is worth a try. And there is no doubt that he is a good football player. For my part, giving him advice would be weird. In matches with Juventus, he showed himself brightly, scored twice. Now Miranchuk is the leader of Lokomotiv, but it’s hard to say how ready he is to leave for the strong European championship at the moment, because his game has both pros and cons that need to be worked on.

“There is nothing supernatural in the goals of Fernandes”

– “Krasnodar” tied the last three matches, including with Orenburg and Dynamo. Does this testify to the inability to squeeze opponents?

– I do not think that it is appropriate to talk about this in this situation. It’s just that Krasnodar cannot win in any way. But for this you need to play well in both halves, and not just in the second, as happened with the Southerners in recent matches. It is difficult to say why this happens, there are many components: mood, tactics. There may simply be many reasons that affect.

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– Was it surprised you how quickly Manuel Fernandes adapted in Krasnodar? He has already distinguished himself in matches with Orenburg and Trabzonspor …

– Fernandes is a high-level football player. They expected this from him. Manuel had to adapt quickly. Therefore, in his goals I do not see anything supernatural. He just needed time to get in shape. In the first matches, Fernandes was still upset because he did not pass the training camp with the team.

– Is it possible to say that the Portuguese became exactly the footballer that the team lacked in organizing attacks?

– Let’s wait a bit, because at the position in the center of the field Fernandes played only one match – with Trabzonspor. But the coaching staff is counting on him. Let’s see if Manuel will be able to help over a long distance.

– Has the adaptation of the other newcomers also completed?

– The team is playing gets used to the players who came in the summer. In order to reach the desired level of interaction, it takes time. Moreover, Krasnodar was covered by a real epidemic of injuries, several key players fell out at once. And now beginners are starting to play gradually. I repeat, these are natural processes, it should be so. Why did you lose your place in the starting lineup of Younes Namli? The choice is made by the coaching staff, and the Moroccan is losing the competition.

Ivan Ignatiev finally recovered from his injury and scored in the last two matches, coming on as a substitute. Should we expect its appearance at the start?

– Let’s see by its state. It’s difficult for me to judge Ivan’s form, because I’m not with the team 24 for 24 hours. But I think if Ignatiev is ready, then Cherkizovo will enter the field from the first minutes.