Golovin's winning goal, Messi's 34th hat-trick and Lewandowski's unique achievement: Saturday's events in European football

Golovin's winning goal, Messi's 34th hat-trick and Lewandowski's unique achievement: Saturday's events in European football

Alexander Golovin scored a goal in League 1 match with Dijon and helped Monaco win an important victory. Lionel Messi in a meeting with “Celta” designed 23 – th hat-trick in a career in Example and caught up with Cristiano Ronaldo in this regard. And Robert Lewandowski scored 11 goals in (******************************************) the starting rounds of the Bundesliga and broke Gerd Mueller’s record, holding almost 50 years.

The fourth victory of Leicester in a row and the goal of Song Heung Min after a terrible injury

In England, Brendan Rogers is feeling more confident. On Saturday, the team won a fourth consecutive victory in the Premier League (fifth, given all the tournaments). Moreover, the London Arsenal was defeated, which cannot win in the last four meetings of the national championship.

The protagonist was the experienced Jamie Vardi, who first completed the combination of partners with an accurate shot from limits, and then helped distinguish James Maddison. Thus, the striker managed to break out into the sole leaders of the Premier League scorer race, and Leicester rose to second place.

As for other London top teams, Chelsea beat Crystal Palace in a derby, and Tottenham lost the world with the main sensation of the Sheffield United season . It is noteworthy that Son Heung Min, whose red card for a foul against Andre Gomes in the match against Everton, was canceled in a goal with the current Champions League finalist, was scored.

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Achievement of Benzema and four goals of Real Madrid

Barcelona and Real Madrid achieved solid victories. Madrid at the exitdid not leave the slightest chanceto the modest Eibar – 4: 0. The fate of the meeting was decided already in the first half hour of the match, when three unanswered goals flew into the goal of the hosts, even two of them honored guests scored from the penalty spot.

But Karim Benzema managed to double. Thanks to this, the Frenchman came in sixth in the number of goals in the history of Real Madrid in Example. On account of the striker 83 goals in the championship of Spain, on this indicator he beat the legendary Franz Puskas.

Two productive penalties from Messi and the “delivery” at the end of the first half

“Barcelona” in the home match with “Celta” had a lot more difficult, but the Catalans also scored in the opponent’s goal four goals and brought the score to a crushing – 4: 1. However, if it were not forwho designed the hat-trick Lionel Messi, blue -garnet could be even harder.

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The Argentinean scored the first goal from the penalty spot. But at the end of the first half, he marked with a minus sign – fouled on the opponent near his own penalty, and Lucas Olas perfectly realized the standard and equalized.

To this, Messi answered the opponent with the same coin and scored two goals at once with free kicks – in addition to the first half and immediately after the break. And shortly before the final whistle, a point in the match was put by Sergio Busquets, who replaced, for whom this goal was the first of the season.

As for Messi, with eight goals he broke into second place in the scoring race Examples and caught up with Cristiano Ronaldo in the number of hat-tricks in the championship of Spain. The assets of both players are listed on 23.

The take-off of Bavaria after a coaching resignation and a double of Lewandowski

In Germany, Bayern after leaving Robert Kovacs unexpectedly easily defeated the formidable Dortmund Borussia at home. Led by and. about. The head coach of Hans Dieter-Flick, the Munich team, sent four unanswered goals into the opponent’s goal and left the opponent no chance.

And the main character in the team again became Robert Lewandowski demonstrating the miracles of performance. This time the Pole scored twice and brought the number of goals in the current Bundesliga season to 15 in (******************************************) matches. In total, in 11 games in all tournaments, the striker distinguished himself 16 times.

It helped Lewandowski to beat an impressive Gerd Müller’s record, holding almost 32 years. Robert was the first footballer who managed to score so much in the first (*****************************************) Bundesliga tours. Muller of the season – 95 / 69 hit the opponents’ goal 11 times.

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Nine points for Werner’s performance in two matches and Hennings’ hat-trick

Miracles of performance are also demonstrated by Leipzig striker Timo Werner. In an away match with Hertha, which ended in victory for the opponent of Zenit (4: 2), the striker scored twice and gave the assist. Now in the last two games of the Bundesliga on his account are truly fantastic nine points for performance (5 + 4). With goals) Werner confidently holds in second place in the tournament scorers race, second only to Lewandowski.

On the third one, with eight precise punches, he escaped 23 – the summer striker of the modest Fortune Rowan Hennings. In a super-productive match with Schalke (3: 3), he scored three times and for the first time in his career scored a hat-trick in the Bundesliga.

A hard victory for Inter and Barella’s wonderful goal

In the Italian Serie A, an extremely difficult victory was won by Inter fighting for gold with Juventus. Nerazzurri had to seriously torment with Verona, the star-less star in the sky. After the first half, the wards of Antonio Conte were completely inferior – 0: 1. Guests scored the only goal from the penalty spot.

However, after the break, Matias Vesino managed to equalize. And on 34 – the th minute, Nicolo Barella scored a fantastic ball. The Italian moved to the center from the left flank and sent the shell exactly to the far nine. The goal was scored by the hosts as if they had already won the Italian championship, and the scorer himself tore off his T-shirt in joy, for which he received a yellow card.

Golovin’s third goal in France and the important success of Monaco

Russian football fans were much more pleasedthe long-awaited goal of Alexander Golovin. The exact midfielder hit was the only one in the match with Dijon and helped the team win a major victory.

Alexander managed to distinguish himself at the very end of the first half. After the transfer from Islam, Slimani Golovin, on the penalty line, took the ball with his chest, processed and accurately shot into the far corner. This goal was the third for the Russian in Ligue 1 this season. And in terms of the number of points for performance (3 + 2), he is second only to Slimani and Wissam Ben-Yedder in the team. Of course, I’m glad to score the ball, the more it turned out to be victorious, but I will say once again that goals are not crucial for me. Scoring – excellent, but most importantly, we won and scored three points. In the second half, they had to score a second ball in order to avoid a nervous ending. We had moments for this. However, the main thing is that everything ended well and managed to bring the matter to victory, ”Golovin quotes“ Championship ”.

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The third defeat of Slutsky in a row and the double of the young Swede

But the “black series” of Vitessa Leonid Slutsky in the championship of the Netherlands, unfortunately, continues. Following the defeats of “Den Haag” and “Emmen” 685620, the Arnemians also lost to the “Gronigen”. The victory was brought to the opponent by the double of the midfielder of the youth team of Sweden, Joel Asoro, who only appeared for the second time in a season from the first minutes. Vitesse was able to answer this only with Brian Linssen’s seventh goal of the season.

However, despite a series of three defeats, the team remains in the top five. Slutsky can only admit that the team entrusted to him is in crisis.

“This is the most difficult period for me as a coach of Vitesse. In the Netherlands, I have not lost three games in a row. This is very painful. Now we must stay together as a team. And yes, we need to change something. If you look at the results, now we are in crisis. If we look at the quality of the game, we had only one very bad match. This happened in a meeting with Emman. Tonight in the second half you again saw another Vitesse, but it was already too late, ”Omroep Gelderland quoted the coach.