“Find a way to calm the situation”: Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned

“Find a way to calm the situation”: Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned

Bolivian President Evo Morales has decided to resign. According to him, this step is necessary to calm the situation in the country. He expressed hope that the riots and protests, which have been going on for about three weeks, will stop soon. Together with the head of state, the vice president and speakers of both houses of parliament left their posts. At the same time, shortly before the official statement of Morales, the head of the Armed Forces of the country, Williams Kaliman, urged him to renounce his presidency.

Bolivian President Evo Moralesannounced his resignation. The politician’s statement was broadcast on social networks.

“Now my duty as president is to find a way to calm the situation,” TASS reports Morales.

As the politician noted, he took such a step so that “civil servants are not subjected to attacks and threats.” He called the current situation a coup.

“Brothers and sisters, I want to tell you that our struggle does not end, we will continue to fight for equality and peace,” the politician said. He also stressed that he hopes to end the riots tonight ((*****************************************) November), and said that he did not intend to leave the country, because he “has no reason to flee.”

Following the head of state, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera also resigned, and together with him andthe speaker of the SenateAriadne Salvierra. Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Viktor Borda left his post a few hours before.

International reaction

On the news of the resignation Morales has already reacted to the Cuban authorities. The Foreign Ministry of the country stated that they are considering what is happening in Bolivia as a coup.

“The Cuban Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the coup in Bolivia and expresses solidarity with his brother, President Evo Morales, the hero and symbol of the struggle of the indigenous peoples of our America. We call for global mobilization for the struggle for Evo’s life and freedom, ”TASS quoted Bruno Rodriguez Parilla, head of the Cuban department on Twitter.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has a similar view.

“We strongly condemn the coup against the fraternal president Evo Morales,” the Venezuelan leader says on Twitter.

Condenamos categóricamente el golpe de Estado consumado contra el hermano presidente@ evoespueblo. Los movimientos sociales y políticos del mundo nos declaramos en movilización para exigir la preservación de la vida de los pueblos originarios bolivianos víctimas del racismo.pic.twitter.com/c6JGrNBFGo

— Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro)November (*******************************************), 10

Meanwhile, as CNN reports, the US State Department said they “are watching the fast-paced events in Bolivia and the resignations of President Evo Morales and Vice President Garcia Linera. ”

Colombia, in turn, insists on convening an emergency meeting of the Organization of American States.

“ Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Government of Colombia closely follows the latest polit eskimi events Bolivia. Colombia asks the OAS general secretariat to urgently convene a session of the Permanent Council in order to find solutions to the difficult institutional situation in which Bolivia is located, ”the agency quotes TASS.

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The call of the military

Recall that mass protests and riots in the cities of Bolivia began after the presidential election, the victory in the first round of which was won by Evo Morales. The opposition demanded a recount, and the demonstrators supported Carlos Mesa – the main rival of Morales in the presidential race. He has already managed to react to the resignation of the head of state, calling it“the end of tyranny”.

It is also worth noting that shortly before Morales’s statement, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Latin American State, Williams Kaliman, called on the Bolivian leader to resign. for the good of Bolivia, ”RIA Novosti quotes Kaliman.

He also added that such a need was caused by the escalation of the conflict, to which threatens the security of the country’s population.

At the same time, on Saturday, the Bolivian News Agency reported that Kaliman excluded the army from participating in the suppression of protests.

“We will never speak out against the people we are facing a debt, and we will always ensure peace and good neighborliness among the brothers, as well as the development of our Motherland, ”said the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of Bolivia.

However, it is worth noting that, according tostatements of the Minister of Defenseof the state of Javier Savalet, the Morales government did not intend to attract to maintain order in the cities where mass protests took place.

Meanwhile, we note that Morales resigned a few hours afterannounced the holding ofnew elections.

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“I decided, firstly, to completely update the composition of the High Electoral Court … secondly, to appoint new general elections, through which the people will be able to democratically elect new politicians, “the RIA Novosti politician quotes. some external players, in particular the USA, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia – all of them are members of the Organization of American States. They insisted on checking the election results by OAS experts.

A group of observers from the organization based on the results of the audit stated that they found a number of violations and also called it “statistically unlikely” that Morales could get enough votes to win in the first round. After that, OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro expressed the opinion that it is necessary to annul the results of the vote.

“Due to the seriousness of the accusations and the analysis of the election process that the group of auditors passed to me, we consider it necessary to state that the first round of elections, held October), should be canceled, and the election the process should start again, “- quotes Almagro RIA Novosti.