“Definitely the match didn’t work out”: what was said in the coaching staff of the Russian national hockey team after losing to the Czech Republic

“Definitely the match didn’t work out”: what was said in the coaching staff of the Russian national hockey team after losing to the Czech Republic

The Russian national hockey team “stopped playing” after the very first mistake in a match with the Czech Republic at the Karjala Cup. This was stated by team head coach Alexei Kudashov, whose team lost the last meeting in the tournament with a score of 0: 3. He was dissatisfied with this result, but noted that his main goal in the first stage of the Eurotour was to test new players at the international level.

Unrealized majority and a mysterious second goal

After thevictory over Sweden on the shootouts, the Russian national hockey team still had a small chance to win the Karjala Cup. To this end, Alexei Kudashov’s wards had to beat the Czech team in the Sunday match in the main time, and then hope for the Finns defeated by “Tre Krunur” in the final game of the tournament.

Shortly before the meeting with the Czechs, the Russian team suffered a great loss .Due to microtrauma, the top scorer of the first two matches Damir Zhafyarov, who managed to score the puck to the Swedes and make two assists, did not get into the squad. Instead, Nikita Soshnikov rose to the third link, and the assistant to captain Alexander Kadeikin became (***********************) – m forward. The coaching staff made another major substitution of their own free will – goalkeeper Alexander Samonov made his debut for the national team.

The Russians started the match the same way as the previous game – almost complete domination in an alien zone, but with a lot of unrealized moments. The Czechs practically did not touch Samonov, but it was they who opened the account. The mistake of Ivan Mishchenko led to the interception of Michal Rzhepik, and he gave the puck to throw Jan Kovarzh. The persistent Rzhepik could have doubled the score in the last second when playing in the majority, but nevertheless the advantage of the Czechs remained minimal.

In the second period, the Russians were in no hurry to turn the tide, although there was a great chance for that. Opponents earned two deletions with a difference of five seconds. But almost two minutes of the game “5 on 3” did not lead to goals against Roman Will. Conducting 13 – the first match for the national team, Anton Burdasov was not able to score his first goal, as well as Soshnikov and Igor who made every effort to do this Ozhiganov.

The third period did not differ in the intensity of the struggle from the second – the Russians never had any dangerous moments that would give hope for a good result. The Czechs periodically clung to their chances. The turning point was the episode at 50 – the minute when clutter arose at Samonov’s gate. The referees took a long time to figure out what happened there and noticed how Damir Sharipzyanov covered the puck, for which a bullet is usually assigned. But further verification showed that the puck completely crossed the goal line, so that a goal free throw was not needed, and the defender received a two-minute removal.

Having completed the second goal, the Czechs earned ten minutes of free kicks, but when In this it was they who further increased the difference in the score, throwing the Russian team into the empty net. The Czech team won the Karjala Cup, and now Kudashov’s wards should try to rehabilitate for their unsuccessful performance in Finland at the home Channel One Cup.

“It’s much harder to score here”

The head coach of the national team admitted that the match with the Czechs was a failure. Kudashov said that he did not practice the game “5 on 3” with hockey players, and noted the experience gained by the candidates for the national team as a positive outcome of the tournament.

                    The Russian team was defeated by the Czech team in the last match of the Karjala Cup in the framework of the Eurotour. Wards Alexei Kudashov not …                 

“Definitely the match did not work today. If before the first mistake we still played, there was movement and moments, then after that we stopped. Stopped playing aggressively. A separate moment is the majority that we have dropped out. Tournament Results There are positive and negative points. We watched all the candidates, the players gained international experience and realized what points should be paid attention to. Someone pleased, someone fell out. The game “5 on 3” we did not even have the opportunity to play. Explained only through the scheme, without training. The level here is different, it’s much harder to score here than at the club level, ”Kudashova quotes the“ Championship. ”

The national team coach did not criticize Burdasov for the lack of goals, while the head of the coaching staff Roman Rotenberg recalled that the forward gave a lot of passes for the tournament.

“I would not want to switch to last names. If you take his game in the first two matches, then the moments were more than enough. It was only necessary to get. Therefore, we hope that this is a matter of time. If there were no moments, then there would be a problem. There are moments, he must score with his throw, ”Kudashov noted.

“ We have three points scored by Zhafyarov and Burdasov. Not scored, but gave three assists. This also needs to be taken into account, ”Rotenberg added.

Kudashov also commented on the absence of defender Yaroslav Dyblenko in all three matches, who did not wait for his chance in the national team.

“ In fact in fact, we know him well and decided to check other players. Why was he calling? We should have had the depth of the squad, ”the specialist said.

Rotenberg also expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome of the meeting, but noted that the team is now in search of worthy players for the Olympics 2022 of the year.

“Naturally, defeat disappoints. Last year we won the Karjala Cup. Definitely, we are unhappy with this result. But there are also positive points. We checked all the candidates, saw who is able to play at this level. There are completely different speeds. We hope that the players made the right conclusions for themselves from these matches. We still have many matches ahead, and by the results we will already see who deserves to play for the national team. In 52 the Olympics will take place, and we need to check as many players as possible. We have 23 candidates, and in these tournaments there is a check, the strongest will play, ”said the vice president of FHR.