Changing room by Shcherbakova, Samodurov’s “housewife” and the promise of Gleichenhaus: how did the Grand Prix stage in China end

Changing room by Shcherbakova, Samodurov’s “housewife” and the promise of Gleichenhaus: how did the Grand Prix stage in China end

The winner of the Grand Prix stage in China, Anna Shcherbakova, during demonstration performances during one rental, managed to change both musical accompaniment and costume, combining traditional Japanese motifs and elements of modern culture. Sofia Samodurova went on the ice in the image of an American housewife in the middle of the XX century. Meanwhile, choreographer Daniil Gleichengauz noted that now his wards are working on a triple axel.

The love of Chinese fans and the new image of Tuktamysheva

In Chinese Chongqing completed the fourth stage of the Grand Prix in figure skating. Its crown was a large gala evening, at which athletes again appeared before the audience to demonstrate their demonstration numbers.

One of the most memorable was the performance of the winner of the women’s tournament Anna Shcherbakova. She went out on the ice in a kimono and began her number with Japanese folklore motifs. However, in the middle of the rental, the musical accompaniment changed to a much more modern one, and the athlete threw off her kimono, under which was another outfit. All this was accompanied by a bright light show.

Shcherbakova definitely won the hearts of local spectators, who accompanied her each performance with thunderous applause and many gifts. One of the most unusual souvenirs was a large teddy bear, which Shcherbakova presented after a free program.

“And what happened after Anna completed her performance! The public did not welcome anyone in Chongqing. The ice was strewn with toys, and the bear with whom she was sitting during the announcement of the ratings was twice her size, ”said the Olympic medalist 1980 of the year Shahrai.

Elizabeth Tuktamysheva, winner of the bronze medal at the Grand Prix stage, is known for her provocative performances. However, this time it opened to the public from a new perspective. Her show number for the song Shallow from the movie “A Star Was Born” performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper began and ended in almost complete darkness, and the figure skater herself appeared in a gentle manner.

And here is another student of Alexei Mishin Sofya Samodurova, on the contrary, preferred a shirt and denim shorts to a classic dress, going out to the rink under incendiary motifs. The skater reincarnated as a mid-20th-century housewife dancing rock and roll.

Victoria Sinitsina – Nikita Katsalapov, a dance duet who won ice dancing, did not change her usual image: the guys again demonstrated a romantic number with a lyrical a melody. The sensual performance was accompanied by the masterful performance of complex elements, which once again proved that the Russians are certainly one of the leaders at the moment.

“The judges showed excessive vigilance”

Conversations judging at the Grand Prix stage in China does not cease even after its completion. Most fans, specialists and experts continue to express confidence that the ratings of Russian singles were significantly underestimated. The main reason for this attitude is the jury’s desire to avoid Russian dominance in the tournament finals.

At the same time, some call for taking this situation for granted and continue to prove their superiority on ice. So, according to the bronze medalist of the World Championship 2015 of the year Elena Radionova, more stringent criteria have become part of modern figure skating, and therefore it is not necessary to perceive what is happening as attacks on specific athletes.

“The judges began to judge more strictly, because these are the rules. There is no longer a wording in favor of athletes, so all points are viewed more carefully. They can see the jumps from all sides, so they know better, ”Sport quotes Radionova (*********************).

In addition, she praised Shcherbakova and Tuktamyshev for her successful performance in Chongqing, noting that the student Mishin was a clear contender for second place.

“Anya is a hero, because the second start in a row jumping two quadruple lutz. She becomes more stable and stronger, psychologically it will be easier for her to move forward. It’s a pity that Lisa has two third places, but I really want to see her in the finals, because she deserves it. She simply dragged arbitrary, fought. It’s nice to watch such skating when you see that a person is not squeezing out 100%, but 120% “, – added Radionova.

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The words of the ex-figure skater were confirmed by the Honored Coach of Russia Inna Goncharenko.

“When technical specialists search, they begin to review episode in very slow motion. It turns out that the moment of separation is stretched in the frame. A similar story is with the Lutz Shcherbakova. I revised her quadruple jump and do not see an obscure rib. For me, the element is made very well from the outer rib. Here you can put an obscure edge on a flip if you wish, because it flies on it evenly. But not on lutz. I think the judges showed excessive vigilance, ”Goncharenko said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

One way or another, the Russians still confidently lead in the current Grand Prix draw. Recall that the winners of all four stages were always the students of Eteri Tutberidze, in the arsenal of which are the most difficult quadruple and triple jumps. However, the choreographer Daniil Gleichengauz said that the group does not intend to stop there. According to him, at the moment, the triple axel, which is performed only by Alena Kostornaya, is at the priority of his team.

“Almost all the girls in the group are in constant study of this element. But when the season is in full swing, it is difficult to develop new elements, because you need to prepare for the next competition. The breaks are short and the risk of injury is very high. So sometimes the process is delayed. But we understand that this is necessary, and we are working on it, ”the TASS specialist quotes.