Bushfire threatens lives and homes in Perth

Bushfire threatens lives and homes in Perth


November 09, 2019 17:17:49

A bushfire that threatened lives and homes in Gnangara in Perth’s north has been downgraded to a watch and act after firefighters brought the blaze under control.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services issued an emergency warning late on Saturday, but had the fire under control within hours.

It is believed the fire started on Sydney Road.

A watch and act remains in place for people in an area bounded by Lake Gnangara, Steel Road, Joyce Road, Sydney Road, Stoney Road, Badgerup Road and Gnangara Road.

People in that area are still facing a possible threat and are being urged to stay vigilant.

A number of roads in the area remain closed.

Perth recorded a maximum temperature of around 39 degrees Celsius.

A fire ban is in place across the most of the state and several national parks have been closed.







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November 09, 2019 15:35:06