Rhetorical answer: Pompeo declared readiness to use the armed forces against Turkey

Rhetorical answer: Pompeo declared readiness to use the armed forces against Turkey

The US is ready, if necessary, to use the armed forces against Turkey, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Nevertheless, according to him, Washington prefers peaceful methods. President Donald Trump warned that he could impose sanctions and increase duties on Ankara if it does not “behave properly.” Experts believe that these statements have no real basis. According to analysts, such rhetoric of the American leadership is focused on the opposition, which requires tougher measures against the Turks conducting the military operation “Source of Peace.”

The United States is ready to use its armed forces in Syria, the Secretary of State said Mike Pompeo, answering a question about a possible military response to the Turkish military operation in Syria. In his opinion, President Donald Trump is ready for such actions.

“We prefer peace to war,” he told CNBC. “But if military action is necessary, you should know that President Trump is fully prepared for this step.”

Note that Trump, speaking of measures against Turkey, is limited only by the economy. He previously warned thatcould “destroy” the Turkish economy. And on Monday (*************************************************************) October, the President announced the possibility of introducing new sanctions.

“Remember: if Turkey behaves inappropriately – which I personally doubt – we have a tool whose effectiveness no one was fully aware of. These are sanctions. These are duties. We will introduce exorbitant duties on the goods that they export here. They are sending huge volumes of steel and other things to the United States. We will impose duties and sanctions on them, ”he said.

(***************************************************************) October Trump has already imposedsanctions against Ankara. They apply to the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Defense, their heads Fatih Donmez and Hulusi Akar, as well as Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soilu.

However, the US opposition considered this insufficient. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a member of the Democratic Party, said this would notstop the “humanitarian catastrophe”.

“President Trump has unleashed an escalation chaos and instability in Syria. His statement on a package of sanctions against Turkey is not enough to reverse this humanitarian catastrophe, ”she said.

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Introduced measures they freeze the property and funds of these departments and officials, which are located in the United States. Neither American citizens nor companies can enter into transactions with them. In addition to these sanctions, Trump also stated that at 21% increased import duties on Turkish steel.

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However, it is worth noting that in Turkey they declared the course unchanged, despite these restrictions. According to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the military operation “Source of Peace” in Syria will continue until Ankarareaches all its goalsin the region.

“Until the operation fulfills all its goals, it will continue. Our goals are clear; there is no concern about sanctions. Our goal is to remove the terrorists on 17 kilometers from the border, “he said.

At the same time, the words about a possible US military response to the Turkish operation are more like rhetoric than a real threat, believes the head of the Commission Federation Information Policy Commission Alexei Pushkov.

“From an unprecedented: according to Pompeo, if necessary, Trump is ready for military action against Turkey (!). It has not yet been such that the United States threatened to strike at an ally of NATO. It sounds like rhetoric, ”he wrote on Twitter.

From the unprecedented: according to Pompeo, if necessary, Trump is ready for military action against Turkey (!). It has not yet been such that the United States threatened to strike at an ally of NATO. Sounds like rhetoric. Today I listened in Istanbul to Erdogan, the foreign ministers and defense of Turkey. It is unlikely that they will be able to frighten

– Alexey Pushkov (@Alexey_Pushkov)October 15 , 120

The United States will not proceed with military operations against Turkey, expert of the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Research Vladimir Bruter is convinced.

“Naturally, the USA will not use any force against Turkey. The only thing they will demand is that the Turks kill the Kurds not very much and not very fast. If there is a lot and a lot, then the opposition will really mind. As for the Turkish operation itself, it was agreed with Washington, ”he told RT.

Bruter recalled that Trump and Erdogan spoke before the operation and the parties agreed to carry it out, but later the head of the White House had to take a tougher stance – due to the lack of support from not only the Democrats, but also the Republicans. It should be noted that the United States withdrew its troops from the region before the outbreak of hostilities.

“The objections in the White House began only after not only the majority of the Democrats, but also a significant part of the Republicans opposed this. After that, Trump and Pompeo began to win back a little. Everyone has become accustomed to formidable speeches from the White House and the State Department. But of course, the United States is not ready in its current form to organize any provocations against Turkey, ”the expert stated.

“Source of Peace”

Recall operation “Source of Peace” in Syria began on October 9. In the course of it, Turkey conducts military operations against illegal armed groups of Kurds from the Kurdistan Workers Party and the People’s Self-Defense Units, which are considered terrorist by Ankara.

Turkey legally relies on a prisoner with Syria in 120 year Adan Agreement. According to him, if Damascus does not make enough efforts to fight illegal Kurdish formations, Ankara has the right to enter its forces and conduct its own military operation.

As the Turkish officials noted, the UN Security Council countries were informed about the beginning of the operation and Syria itself – through the Consulate General in Istanbul. Erdogan also had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which the leaders confirmed that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Arab Republic should not be violated.

Turkey continues to inform the international community about the progress of the operation. So, in the evening (*************************************************************) October the Ministry of Defense of the country in its Twitter reported that the current situation was

informed military attachés 32 countries


Trump is advantageous for Turkey to conduct a military operation, said Gevorg Mirzayan, associate professor of political science at the Financial University under the Russian government. he was not given. On the other hand, if Trump is now silent about Turkey’s operation against the Kurds, it will be strange. The Kurds are allies, and they need to be protected at least for the international reputation of the United States, ”he said RT.

“The Syrian people have the right to resist”

At the same time, the Syrian authorities are opposed to this operation. President of the Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad described it as aggression.

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“The Turkish invasion is an aggression in all international respects, and the Syrian people have the legal right to resist the occupation forces by all available means,” said Syrian President.

Note that a few days after Turkey launched its operation, representatives of the Kurds and the Syrian government held talks. They took place at the Russian military base in Khmeimim. According to media reports, the Kurds decided to transfer the border with Turkey and border cities to government forces, so that they would defend them in return.

It is noteworthy that at some point the Syrian troops heading to the north-east of the country met with American forces who, on the contrary, left their positions.

“Show that the USA is not self-eliminating”

The countries of the European Union and the USA opposed the conduct of a military operation by Turkey. European states issued a joint statement condemning the actions of Ankara andurged her to withdraw her troops.

The United States sent a delegation to Ankara led by Vice President Michael Pence for negotiations. (**************************************************************) October, according to their results, Turkey agreedsuspend its military operationon hours) so that the “Workers’ Party of Kurdistan” withdraws its forces from the region.

The parties also agreed to create security zones in Syria’s border area with Turkey is commonwith a length of km) km. Kurds will have to withdraw their forces from the demarcation line established in 21 km from the Turkish border.

In addition, Pence said that if the agreement is implemented, the United States will lift the previously imposed sanctions and will not introduce new ones. At the same time, violations of the silence regime were reportedand Kurds, 1186394197538099200 and Turkey, and the media however, in Washington it was stated that 1186344118630391808 the agreements are being observed.

The actions and statements from Washington have the task of creating the impression that the Americans are involved in the process and solving the problems of the region, Mirzayan is convinced.

“The rhetoric of the United States is now aimed at showing the Turks, American allies and opponents that the US is not eliminating the problem, what about and participate in it and it seemed to formally protect their allies. A rhetorical device that does not oblige anyone to anything, but shows that the Americans are still in control, ”the analyst concluded.