“I hope the publicity will help”: human rights activists visited the Israeli woman convicted of smuggling Naamu Issahar in a pre-trial detention center

“I hope the publicity will help”: human rights activists visited the Israeli woman convicted of smuggling Naamu Issahar in a pre-trial detention center

Human rights activists visited Naama Issahar, an Israeli and US citizen convicted of drug smuggling in a pre-trial detention center. The girl, who in conclusion expects when she can appeal the verdict, does not complain about the conditions of detention. Issakhar smiles a lot, says that he actively learns Russian to communicate with fellow inmates, listens to Yegor Creed on the radio and practices yoga. Details in the material RT.

RT correspondent and member of the Public Observation Commission of the Moscow Region Daniil Lomakin visited a pre-trial detention center in the village of Novo Grishino near Moscow, where the Israeli Naama Issakhar has been staying for several months,Sentencedin Russia to 7.5 years in a penal colony for smuggling 9.6 grams of hash.

Issakhar is sitting in a cell with three girls who are charged under 26 – th article of the Criminal Code ( “Fraud”). The administration of the institution specifically selected for Issakhar cellmates who know at least a little English. They act as translators in the communication of the Israeli woman with the prison staff. Thanks to Naama, the girls tighten their English and teach the Israeli woman the Russian language. After six months spent in Russian prisons, Issakhar already speaks fairly well in Russian.

“We listen to Russian songs on the radio, for example, Yegor Creed,” Issakhar laughs. “The girls are translating me.” I really like it. ”

Issakhar assured human rights activists that she has no complaints about food or medical assistance.

“ They feed well, they give me medications what are needed. Even vitamins were given out, ”she says.

Birthday in a Russian prison

Together with her cellmates Issachar, who worked as a yoga instructor before her arrest, does exercises. Recently, a girl celebrated her birthday in a pre-trial detention center – she turned (*************************) years.

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In an interview with members of the PMC, an Israeli woman notes that most of all in detention she lacks meetings with a rabbi. Since the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia has not concluded an agreement with the Jewish religious community, a rabbi can come to a detainee only as part of a regular meeting. According to the management of IK-1, permission to see Rabbi Issahar was given, but no one came to the colony on the appointed day.

Another problem that Issakhar faced in custody was the ban on phone calls to relatives .

“We filed a petition with the court to let me call my mother and sister, but it has not yet been considered,” she explains.

Several times, American diplomats visited the girl in jail. An employee of the Israeli embassy in Moscow, according to Issakhar, came only once – in the spring, immediately after the arrest.

The scale of the scandal that erupted around her arrest and possible exchange for the Russian “hacker” Alexei Burkov Issahar only knows from the words of his mother and lawyer who was arrested in Israel. There is a TV set in the cell, but the channels about the Israeli woman have not yet appeared on the channels that are available in the pre-trial detention center.

“Of course, I am glad that I am so supported in Israel and the USA, but in such fame not enough pleasant, ”Issakhar smiles. – I really want to get home. I hope that such publicity will help. ”

Around the same time, while Issakhar spoke with members of the PMC, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by telephone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , who had previously asked for the pardon of the girl.

Assistant to the President of Russia Yuri Ushakov said that the leaders of the countries during the telephone conversation discussed, among other things, the fate of Issakhar.

“This topic has been heard, and it has been touched upon to one degree or another,” said Ushakov.

Extradition, pardon or exchange

KareportedRT, after the detention of Issakhar in Russia, relatives of the Russian “hacker” Alexei Burkov, who was arrested in Israel, began to seek his exchange for a girl.

Burkov has been in an Israeli prison for four years – he was arrested at the request of the United States in December 2015 – go. US intelligence agencies accuse the Russian of hacking. Burkov himself denies the allegations. Moreover, Russia has been seeking the extradition of Burkov for three years, however, the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office for extradition has not yet been considered.

The Burkov family told RT that they had sent an appeal to the Russian Foreign Ministry with a request to initiate negotiations with Israel on the exchange of Burkov to Issakhar.

After the publication of RT, the Israeli Prime Minister’s administration stated that such an exchange was not possible, since the Russian should be extradited US by decision of the Supreme Court. However, in order for the extradition to take place, this decision must be signed by Israeli Minister of Justice Amir Ohana. In an interview with Israeli media, Ohana announced that he would make a decision in the coming days.