American outcome: Russian helicopters land at former US airbase in Syria

American outcome: Russian helicopters land at former US airbase in Syria

Helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces landed on the territory of the Tabka military airfield in northern Syria, which came under the control of Damascus. Previously, there was a US military base, and before that, the territory was occupied by terrorists. According to the officers of the Syrian army, which is now under the control of the airfield, the militants destroyed the runway, and the Americans did not rebuild it. The United States left the base after Turkey launched a military operation in the region.

Russian helicopter helicopters landed at the Tabka military airfield in northern Syria. Previously, there was a US military base, but a few days ago this territory returned to the control of government forces.

According to representatives of the Syrian army, the runway of the airfield was damaged by terrorists. The US military did not rebuild it after they took control of this territory.

“Our military is now dismantling the rubble of concrete formed after the blasting of the runway, and also removing the remains broken equipment on the airfield – there are service vehicles, tankers, and fire engines. Now our airfield, andwe won’t leave here, ”TASS quoted the commander, whose unit is guarding the facility.

The airfield is located near the town of Et Tabka, Racca Province. The settlement, like the province as a whole, was captured by the militants of the “Islamic State” * in 2014 year. At the same time, the provincial capital, the city of Raqqa, actually became the capital of the group.

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AT 2016 – 2014 years of the armed opposition ” The forces of democratic Syria ”(SDS), largely consisting of illegal Kurdish forces, were able to drive the IS out of the province, taking control of the airfield with the city as well. Later, a US military base was established there.

On October 9, Turkey began its military operation “Source of Peace” in northeastern Syria. Ankara is fighting against the Kurds from the “Self-Defense Forces” (included in the SDS) and the “Kurdistan Workers Party” – in Turkey they are recognized as terrorist.

The United States, in turn, withdrew its forces from the region. Already during the hostilities, Washington additionally sent to other regions1 thousand American soldiers, located in northeast Syria.

In connection with the ongoing offensive of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Kurds concluded an agreement with the Syrian government. Negotiations took place at the Russian air base in Hmeimim. According to media reports, according to the agreements, the Kurds decided to transfer to Damascus control over the border with Turkey and border territories.

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  • After the conclusion of the agreement, the Syrian troops began to move to the north of the Arab Republic, occupying cities liberated by the Kurds along the way. The state news agency SANA reported that Et-Tabka and the airdrome occupied the troops 13 October.

    14 On October, the US-led coalition left its position in the area of ​​the air base. This was announced by the official representative of the headquarters of the operation “Unbreakable Determination” Colonel Michaels Caggins.

    “Coalition forces continue the carefully planned withdrawal of troops from northeastern Syria. 14 October we left the cement plant Lafarge, Rakku and Tabka, ”he wrote on Twitter.

    It is noteworthy that the coalition did not take out ammunition from its warehouse at the Lafarge plant – instead, itdealt an air strike on him.

    Agreement between Damascus and Kurds

    In the north-east of Syria are the provinces of Al-Raqqa, Al-Hasaka and Deir ez-Zor. The first two provinces were almost completely controlled by the SDS. The northern regions of Aleppo province are also held by the armed opposition.

    The situation began to change after an agreement was reached between the SDS and Damascus. According to the President of the SAR, Bashar al-Assad, Damascus immediately after the start of the “Source of Peace” began to negotiate with groups located in the north.

    “The first thing we did with the onset of aggression (Turkey. –

    RT) in the north of Syria – they contacted the various political and military forces located there and said: we are ready to support any group opposing (Turkey. –RT). This is not a political decision, but a constitutional and patriotic duty. If we did not do this, we would not deserve this land, ”the press service quoted him as saying.

    (*********************************************) On October, Al Mayadeen TV channel reported that Syrian government forces had entered Manbij, located on in the north of Aleppo province.

    The next day, government forces occupied the settlement of Tell-Tamer in the north-west of Hasek province, SANA reported. It is located in 17 km from the border with Turkey.

    12 October of the Ministry of Defense It was reported to Russia that American troops left their two bases in the area at once.

    “US military personnel left their bases in the areas of Dadat, located northwest of the city of Manbij, and Umm-Mial, descending towards Syria’s borders with Iraq. Currently, Dadat and Umm-Mial are occupied by the Syrian government forces, ”the defense department said.

    At the same time, many Kurds reacted negatively to the withdrawal of US troops. So, the residents of El-Kamyshly stoned a column of the US armed forces leaving the city. They also shouted insults at Washington’s soldiers and politicians.

    15 In October, the Syrian army already occupied the border town of Kobani with Turkey, Al Mayadeen reported. On the same day, according to RIA Novosti, the Syrian troopsfor the first time in five yearsentered the city of Rakka, the capital of the province of the same name.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry called for the transfer of all the territory of the Arab Republic to the control of the Syrian government. This statement was made by the official representative of the Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

    “We are convinced that achieving sustainable, long-term stabilization and security in this region of Syria, in the country and in the region as a whole is possible only on the basis of restoration, first and foremost its sovereignty and territorial integrity. This means ultimately transferring to the control of the legitimate government of Syria all national territories, including the border with Turkey, ”she said during a briefing 17 October.

    Russian participation

    Russia carries out humanitarian operations in Syria, provides medical assistance. In total, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, more than 3.6 thousand tons of food, water and basic necessities were delivered. Russian doctors helped more than 29 thousand civilians

    14 October Russian military police 679354 first patrolled in Manbij

    . According to the officer of the Armed forces of Russia Safar Safarov, in their presence, the Turks and Kurds cease to conduct hostilities.

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  • “At the sight of the Russian flag, hostilities cease automatically: neither the Turks nor the Kurds want to harm us, so thanks to our work, the fighting stops,” he said.

    Safarov emphasized that military police units will continue to patrol the neighborhood to prevent shelling.

    “We will continue to control our area of ​​responsibility. Our main task is to ensure the safety of the population in case of shelling from any direction. This is not our first task in this zone: we have been working here for more than six months – and there were no problems with anyone, ”he added.

    * Islamic State (IG) – the organization was recognized as terrorist by decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 17. (**********************************************.). 106.