A single mother with many children and her son received Russian citizenship after the publication of RT

A single mother with many children and her son received Russian citizenship after the publication of RT




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18 October 21,                                                                                                                                                                                                                Alexander Ermakov




A large single mother from the Kostroma region Tatyana Golubovskaya and her son Roman received Russian passports. The woman turned to the project “Not one on one,” because for more than a year she could not draw up documents for herself and her children. After a request from RT, the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs promised to investigate the situation. As a result, Tatyana received a residence permit, and her son received a temporary residence permit, after which they both acquired Russian citizenship in an accelerated mode.


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      The heroine of the material RT, 18 – Tatyana Golubovskaya, a large mother of many children, and her 16 – the summer son Roman was handed Russian passports. Documents were issued at the migration office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the city of Nerekhta, Kostroma Region.

      “We are so happy. When I received my passport, my hands shook with worry. I can’t even believe that you can finally breathe easy. So cool! Children have already entered in the passport and even stamped them on the birth certificates so that when they grow up, in 14 For years, they also issued Russian passports. Thank you very much for your help, ”Tatyana Golubovskaya told RT.

      Now, with a passport in her hands, Golubovskaya has the right to apply for benefits as a mother with many children. The woman admits that for her this will be significant support, since she brings up three children alone.

      In a conversation with RT, Tatyana’s son also thanked for the assistance provided and shared plans for the future.

      “Now I have the opportunity to finish (************************************) classes, – says Roman. – I am very happy about this. Recently I traveled to Kostroma with classmates on an excursion to the Military Academy of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection. I liked it there, and maybe I will go there, but that’s not for sure. I wish the work was connected with mathematics. ”

      In May, the young man passed the main state exam for high scores and was able to go to high school.

      Vicious circle

      Before applying to the “Not One to One” project, Golubovskaya for several yearstried to arrangeRussian citizenship. When it was finally possible to collect documents for submitting the application, it turned out that her minor at that time had no opportunity to legalize herself in Russia due to the lack of the necessary identity documents.

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        The thing is that Tatyana was born in Uzbekistan and initially received a passport in this country. In the city of Nukus, her son Roman was born. A birth certificate of an Uzbek sample was issued for the boy, and he was entered on his mother’s passport. Soon Tatyana moved to live in Ukraine and received Ukrainian citizenship. Here she had two daughters – Jasmine and Alsou. However, in Ukraine, the family did not stay long: in the Lviv region, where the Golubovskys lived, there were no Russian schools, so Tatyana came to Russia with her children and common-law husband.

        At first, the family lived in the Moscow region, in the village of Fedyukovo, but soon Tatyana with her children was forced to move to the Kostroma region. Golubovskaya’s husband began to drink and beat her. When he raised his hand to Roman, Tatyana wrote a statement to the man to the police, and he was deported. After that, the woman was taken into custody by volunteers to help families in difficult situations. She was helped to get into one of the houses of mercy in the Kostroma region, and her mother with many children began to collect documents for registration of permits.

        With the support of volunteers, Tatyana was able to get an official job, rent an apartment and get a temporary residence permit (RVP). However, the situation with Roman could not be resolved.

        The young man was already 11 years, he did not have a passport , he was not allowed out of Russia. It was required to present certificates that Roman did not receive an Uzbek passport and did not have Ukrainian citizenship. At the same time, neither Uzbekistan nor Ukraine recognized him as their citizen.

        Tatyana managed to get a certificate from the embassy of Uzbekistan, they didn’t give out a document from Ukraine at the embassy – they needed a personal appearance, but without documents Roman was not allowed to leave the country. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the young man graduated from the 9th grade and had to pass exams. Without a passport, they could not have been allowed to OGE, however, the school leadership went towards the family and allowed them to pass certification. Finding herself in a closed bureaucratic circle, Tatyana turned to the project “Not one on one.”

        After a request from RT, the Main Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation sent recommendations to the Kostroma unit at the place of registration of Tatyana. Specialists of the department invited her to a reception, accepted documents for obtaining a residence permit, and Roman had an application for RVP. After the documents were issued, Tatyana and her son were able to obtain Russian citizenship.